7 Items From Ikea That Designers Spent Their $150 on

We Gave 7 Designers $150 at IKEA—This Is What They Bought We will never stop admiring the beauty of a high-end product, but our salary doesn't always accommodate the luxury price tag. (Psst—we know a few designer-like pieces you can actually afford.) However, if there's one thing every insanely stylish room has in common, it's the … Continue reading 7 Items From Ikea That Designers Spent Their $150 on

Built in Daybed with IKEA bookshelves

~ in case you liked that Daybed idea as much as I did from May 8ths post 😉 (it's a long one so click on the link to see it in it's entirety) ~ Built in Daybed with IKEA bookshelves Yall, this post has been a long time coming but I feel like I can … Continue reading Built in Daybed with IKEA bookshelves

These IKEA Hacks Look Sharp

~ you had me at Ikea ~ These IKEA Hacks Look Sharp and They'll Solve Your Storage Woes We're back with more good IKEA hacks, this time with a bunch that not only look phenomenal, but also amp up the storage capacity of your space. These projects are triple threats: budget-friendly, functional, and also really … Continue reading These IKEA Hacks Look Sharp