Tiny Home Approved!

The Space-Wasting Storage Mistake You May Be Making (Image credit: Carina Romano | Apartment Therapy) Living in a tiny home can make you an organizational expert in no time. With hardly any square footage to move around in, you have to be smart with what space you do have, and you have to be clever … Continue reading Tiny Home Approved!

12 Home Depot Finds

12 Home Depot Finds (Under $30) Every First Time Home Buyer Needs So you just bought your first home—congrats! Now comes the fun part: settling into your new digs by filling it with necessary items. But after you spent all that money on securing your new home, you might not want to spend any more … Continue reading 12 Home Depot Finds

5 Inspired Storage Ideas

Shelf Storage Ideas | Over the Door Storage | Creative Storage Solutions Yep, You Can Put Shelves There: 5 Inspired Storage Ideas A little shelf here, a big shelf there. You’d be surprised where they can fit.   Finally, you get to take that beach vacation in the dead of winter. But where is your … Continue reading 5 Inspired Storage Ideas