How to Build Your Savings —

Many Americans have little to nothing at all saved up. In the event of any emergency, most people just don’t have any resources to weather the blow. It can be difficult to understand how to build up your savings, but the key is to start little by little. Nothing is impossible once you get started. […]How … Continue reading How to Build Your Savings —

Real Estate for Retirement

Why One Fearless Couple Is Banking Their Retirement on Real Estate Let me make something clear: I don’t expect to retire the conventional way. Why? Because the retirement of our parents and grandparents continues to be something millennials are putting in their rearview mirrors. We recognize that if we don’t take charge of our financial … Continue reading Real Estate for Retirement

Thinking of Retiring in a RV on the Open Road?

~ not trying to discourage you from your retirement plans, just hoping to give you a fuller picture! ~   18 Reasons You Really Don't Want to Buy an RV ROAD WARRIORS, BEWARE For some, the American dream is to own a big house with a picket fence. For others, it's a house on wheels … Continue reading Thinking of Retiring in a RV on the Open Road?