Riverside County is a’growin

Home Improvements

Riverside County is No. 1 in California for population growth in 2018 Riverside County’s population rose 27,386 in the year ended July 1, largest gain among the state’s counties. Now if only we could get more housing built and more higher paying jobs.... Check out the link here, also don't be afraid to scroll into … Continue reading Riverside County is a’growin

Plans for The Colorado River

~ this is good information as you may or may not know, but The Colorado River supplies CA with water as well as Nevada, Colorado, New Mexico, Utah and Wyoming as well as Mexico ~ Things to know: The plan to save the ailing Colorado River © The Associated Press FILE - In this May … Continue reading Plans for The Colorado River

How Riverside hopes to protect homes near Santa Ana River from fires

How Riverside hopes to protect homes near Santa Ana River from fires A pattern of blazes sparks a massive city project to clear 12 acres of brush near Fairmount Park. Riverside resident Chani Beeman has watched with alarm more than once as fires in the Santa Ana River bottom near Fairmount Park moved dangerously close … Continue reading How Riverside hopes to protect homes near Santa Ana River from fires

RIVERSIDE: Toro participates in water conservation challenge

RIVERSIDE: Toro participates in water conservation challenge A nonprofit organization is reaching out to individuals and cities to cut water and energy usage A national water conservation contest in which cities compete to get pledges from residents to save water is at the mid-way point. The Wyland National Mayor’s Challenge for Water Conservation is supported … Continue reading RIVERSIDE: Toro participates in water conservation challenge

California’s Drought Update

Column No, California's drought isn't over. Here's why easing the drought rules would be a big mistake Folsom Lake, Calif. Brian van der Brug / Los Angeles Times After months of El Niño rainfall, Folsom Lake became so full that excess water was being released over Folsom Dam, above. But reservoirs in Central and Southern … Continue reading California’s Drought Update

Turf Rebates

From PE.com 9/22/15 RIVERSIDE: More turf rebates offered City puts another $1.5 million into popular program that has already doled out $5 million. Riverside is offering more money to homeowners who want to replace their grass with something that uses less water. The city has already given about $5 million to business and residential water … Continue reading Turf Rebates