Riverside County is a’growin

Home Improvements

Riverside County is No. 1 in California for population growth in 2018 Riverside County’s population rose 27,386 in the year ended July 1, largest gain among the state’s counties. Now if only we could get more housing built and more higher paying jobs.... Check out the link here, also don't be afraid to scroll into … Continue reading Riverside County is a’growin

Closing the sale of a condo has become harder

Q&A Here's why closing the sale of a condo has suddenly become harder for an association Getty Images It appears lenders are getting more skittish about issuing mortgages to buyers of condominium units as the real estate market recovers from the housing bust, a time when lenders experienced a spate of foreclosures. It appears lenders … Continue reading Closing the sale of a condo has become harder

The 25 Suburbs Where Millennials Are Moving

~ Riverside #1 FTW!! Heck yeah. Love my city 😉 ~ The 25 Suburbs Where Millennials Are Moving Thousands of millennials are moving to the suburbs of Riverside, Calif., San Antonio, Texas and Orlando, Fla. The burbs of those three metro areas saw the greatest growth in the number of adults aged 25 to 34 … Continue reading The 25 Suburbs Where Millennials Are Moving

Home Prices Outpace Salaries, Again

Home Prices Outpace Salaries, Again Salaries are having a hard time keeping pace with home prices, even as prices continue to decline in many metro areas across the country, a group recently found. The research website HSH.com released an analysis in February that used industry data to track the relationship between salaries and prices in … Continue reading Home Prices Outpace Salaries, Again

Changes coming to RTA

How Riverside Transit Agency is revamping its bus service Changes to downtown service begin Jan. 8.       Riverside Transit Agency has created new bus stops like this one near Third and Market streets in downtown Riverside as part of changes to bus service that begin in January 2017. ALICIA ROBINSON, STAFF PHOTO Inland … Continue reading Changes coming to RTA

Parking in Riverside to Increase

Why it could cost more to park in downtown Riverside The city needs to charge more to help to pay for new garages, signs and security, a new report suggests. Raising the cost of parking in downtown Riverside starting next year could bring in more than $500,000 annually to make parking safer and more convenient, … Continue reading Parking in Riverside to Increase

Congress agrees on changes that may make condos easier to buy and sell

Check out this link to see the changes! This is good news!

Imperial Lofts Construction – To Start!

Imperial Lofts Construction to Require Sidewalk, Alley, Street Closures Bold new residential development on Main Street Mall to increase downtown housing options RIVERSIDE, Calif. – Site preparation for the Imperial Lofts project on the Main Street Mall in downtown Riverside is scheduled to start early next week, which will require the full or partial closure … Continue reading Imperial Lofts Construction – To Start!

FHA squeezing loans for condos despite surging demand

From LATimes.com 11/9/14 During September in Los Angeles, condos accounted for about 27% of home resales. In Miami, they were 44.9%. Above, signs advertise the sales gallery at the Barker Block loft building in downtown L.A. (Patrick T. Fallon / Bloomberg) Call it the condo conundrum: Demand for condominium units is rising in many urban … Continue reading FHA squeezing loans for condos despite surging demand

Type of Home Purchased by Age Group – Infographic

Take a look at this information from Realtor.com