One Valuable Lesson I Learned from HGTV

The One Valuable Lesson I Learned from HGTV (Image credit: HGTV) Does anyone else have a love/hate relationship with HGTV? Ever since I got hooked on Christopher Lowell's show ages ago and took his advice to hang a sheet on my bedroom wall as decor (don't ask, I have no idea) I've dipped in and … Continue reading One Valuable Lesson I Learned from HGTV

Thinking of Remodeling?

~ Here are a few points to consider. Some you may have thought of others you may not. Also the title is hilarious 🙂 ~ America, You’ve Lost Your Freaking Mind Over Remodeling (Image credit: Tana Teel/Stocksy) There's something to be said for appreciating the home you have. In a way, I feel lucky to … Continue reading Thinking of Remodeling?

Staying and Improving Homes appears to be the trend

HomeAdvisor Releases New True Cost Report Highlighting Home Improvement Trends Findings Show Homeowners Are Choosing to Improve Their Homes Rather Than Move GOLDEN, Colo., June 12, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Today, HomeAdvisor released its True Cost Report focused on generational trends in home improvement, the negligible impact of rising interest rates on homeowner decision making, and the … Continue reading Staying and Improving Homes appears to be the trend

Tips for a New Backsplash

Splish, Splash, Tips for a New Backsplash You’ve been watching HGTV again and you’ve been inspired to do something about that dated backsplash in your kitchen. It’s not exactly a small job, but certainly one an adventurous first time homeowner can do with just a few tools. Installing a backsplash is a pretty straightforward process, … Continue reading Tips for a New Backsplash

These IKEA Hacks Look Sharp

~ you had me at Ikea ~ These IKEA Hacks Look Sharp and They'll Solve Your Storage Woes We're back with more good IKEA hacks, this time with a bunch that not only look phenomenal, but also amp up the storage capacity of your space. These projects are triple threats: budget-friendly, functional, and also really … Continue reading These IKEA Hacks Look Sharp