An Intro to Architecture Styles

~ I always think these are fun and take them with a grain of salt, that being said I as a Libra doth protest ~ An Intro to Architecture Styles (Explained Through The Zodiac Signs Because It's 2018) (Image credit: Landon Martin/Unsplash) When it comes to architecture, there seems to be endless styles to choose … Continue reading An Intro to Architecture Styles

Riverside Public Utilities Energy Efficiency Programs

~ know about these? ~ Riverside Public Utilities Supports Community With Energy Efficiency Programs Programs can help residents and businesses save hundreds of dollars each year RIVERSIDE, Calif. – Riverside residents and business owners can take advantage of eight energy-efficiency programs that help reduce power usage and cut hundreds of dollars off utility bills each year. … Continue reading Riverside Public Utilities Energy Efficiency Programs

50 cities American are abadoning

~ a couple of the cities in CA in this group surprised me, what about you? One group didn't - looking at you Los Angeles ~ 50 cities Americans are abandoning Each year, roughly 40 million Americans, or about 14% of the U.S. population, move at least once. Much of that movement includes younger people … Continue reading 50 cities American are abadoning

2008 Financial Crisis and lessons learned

~ agree? Click on link below for full article ~ We Have Learned Nothing From The Mortgage Market Meltdown   A sold sign is shown outside a single-family home on the market in Denver in March 2018. (AP Photo/David Zalubowski) In the decade before the 2008 financial crisis household debt increased greatly while the quality … Continue reading 2008 Financial Crisis and lessons learned

Where is Amazon Headed Next?

Amazon is hurtling head-first into yet another industry Getty Images / Scott Olson Amazon and homebuilder Lennar announced Wednesday that they're collaborating on a series of model homes that will be fully technology-enabled. The houses will make heavy use of Amazon's Alexa technology, which residents will be able to use to control the television, lights, … Continue reading Where is Amazon Headed Next?

Make Your Rental Irresistible to Families

8 Features That Make Your Rental Irresistible to Families by Brian Davis | By Brian Davis updated January 2, 2018 Landlording and Rental Properties Kids are high-impact on rental properties. So why the heck would any landlord go out of their way to attract families? First, because families tend toward longer tenancies. Young adults … Continue reading Make Your Rental Irresistible to Families

Can Inland Empire Households Survive Rising Rates?

Local Borrowing Trends Released – Can Inland Empire Households Survive Rising Interest Rates? Inland Empire, CA –  Can Inland Empire consumers absorb higher lending costs for purchasing homes, making repairs, remodeling, buying automobiles, attending school, surviving life events, and other borrowing decisions if interest rates continue rising as expected? “It depends,” said Dwight Johnston, chief economist for the … Continue reading Can Inland Empire Households Survive Rising Rates?

Investing in Affordable Housing

~ what do you think? ~ Why I’m Investing in Affordable Housing for the Long Haul by Gus Ross | By Gus Ross updated April 30, 2018 Commercial Real Estate When you get started in real estate, it is best to choose a focus. That’s what I did. I decided I wanted to help … Continue reading Investing in Affordable Housing

You Can Use Your Home as Cash

~ Now just because you can doesn't mean you should, if you are thinking about it give me a call or your lender so you can make sure it is a sound decision ~ How to use your home as a source of cash Homeowners are currently sitting on a record amount of cash in … Continue reading You Can Use Your Home as Cash

The Most Iconic Dessert From Every State

~ did someone say dessert? ~ The Most Iconic Dessert From Every State Click through this gallery and let me know if you favorite is on the list or not.   ~ BTW I know of a couple of awesome spots for CA's nearby if you are in the mood ~