What happens to your debt when you die?

~ A little morbid, pehaps if you are not preparing for this inevitability. Hopefully though you are ready for when you pass so your family doesn't have to take on the debt. ~ On average, Americans die with $61,000 in debt: Who pays? The Federal Reserve's latest report shows U.S. households are in debt to … Continue reading What happens to your debt when you die?

This is Americans’ average debt by age

~ Try this Debt Payoff Calculator if you would like to reverse any of this ~ This is Americans' average debt by age Americans have fallen back in love with debt. Total household debt—a category that includes mortgages, student loans, and car loans along with credit card and other debt—dipped in the wake of the … Continue reading This is Americans’ average debt by age

Household Debt Reaches Record High

Household Debt Reaches Record High Household debt jumped $114 billion over the second quarter of the year, according to the Household Debt and Credit Report released by the New York Federal Reserve’s Center for Microeconomic Data on Wednesday. Total household debt across the nation clocked in at $12.84 trillion at the close of the quarter—nearly … Continue reading Household Debt Reaches Record High