10 mortgage terms demystified

From MainSt 5/6/15 The mortgage industry is no different from the rest of the financial or tech world: It's fraught with odd terminology, tons of acronyms and other confusing jargon.While it appears to be a great deal of inaccessible blather, learning what these terms really mean can save homeowners thousands of dollars as they are … Continue reading 10 mortgage terms demystified

Misconception About Down Payments

Mortgages Suffer from Misconception about Down Payments From DSNews.com 6/16/14 There's a pervasive view held by younger consumers when considering whether to purchase a home or not, according to Freddie Mac's Christina Boyle. She believes that consumers persistently overestimate the size of a down payment they need in order to finance a home, and this … Continue reading Misconception About Down Payments