These Cities Will Be Deserts by the End of the Century

These Cities Will Be Deserts by the End of the Century

Regardless of opinions on the cause, there is no doubt that the weather in America is changing. Arctic sea ice is melting fast, oceans levels are rising and heat waves are becoming more intense. Some areas that are now warm and dry will become hotter and arider, to the point where they will experience desert-like conditions before the end of the century. These dramatic shifts in temperature and humidity change vital interactions between plants, animals and humans. Climate change is also expected to have devastating effects on the U.S. economy. In 2018, The New York Times cited a report from the U.S. Global Change Research Program that claimed a changing climate could disrupt American exports and supply chains and diminish agricultural yields, in addition to cutting the gross domestic product by 10% — which is more than twice of what was lost during the Great Recession. Using data from the University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science, GOBankingRates looked at 15 U.S. cities that will have completely different climates by 2080, if climate change advances as expected, and compared them to cities that currently experience these conditions.

I am not sure of the accuracy of this, but I do believe in climate change. For the complete slideshow of the cities, click here.

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