The most breathtaking view in every state

Looking to move somewhere close in order to enjoy the beauty nature provides? Or just looking to vacation and check out one of these areas?

The most breathtaking view in every state

From coast to coast, America is full of natural beauty. Mountains, lakes, canyons, deserts and swamps ā€” the United States has it all. And each state in the union has its own unique features that make it worth visiting.

Many people make it a goal to visit all the 50 states because of each one’s outstanding outdoor sights, particularly thanks to their many well-preserved national and state parks and reserves.

Whether you’re looking for an athletic adrenaline rush, a great photo opportunity, a peaceful retreat or a romantic vista, there’s a beautiful spot in every state that will make the perfect backdrop. Put these awe-inspiring, photogenic places on your travel bucket list to see the best of America’s beauty on your next vacation or road trip.

Click here for the full slides show from MSN and The Active Times

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