Don’t Make These Mistakes in Your Home

50 Ways You’re Damaging Your Home and Don’t Even Know It

Unless you’re among the lucky few dropping dough on mega-yachts and Maseratis, your home is likely the most valuable thing you’ll ever own. However, while many people may envision themselves getting to undertake fun remodeling and decorating projects when they buy a home, few imagine that they’ll be constantly working to fix damage they themselves have caused. In fact, according to GoBankingRates data, the average U.S. home costs $1,204 per month to maintain, and that’s before those little projects that can eat up the rest of your paycheck in virtually no time.

The good news? Owning a home (and keeping it in great shape) doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg. In fact, we’ve identified a staggering 50 ways you’re damaging your home without realizing it, so you can ditch the depreciation and put a stop to the property damage before it starts. And if you want to see what your home will look like in a decade, check out the 25 Crazy Ways Your Home Will Be Different in 2030—According to Futurists. 

Click on link in title to view all 50 ways!

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