The One Thing Never to Display in Your Home, Ever

The Property Brothers Reveal the One Thing Never to Display in Your Home, Ever

| Jul 12, 2018

Season 8 of “Property Brothers: Buying and Selling” has just aired its premiere—and boy, do Drew and Jonathan Scott’s latest clients need a reality check, bad!

In the episode titled “Small Budget, Big Sacrifices,” we learn that a Canadian couple, Kylah and Jon, want to buy a bigger home with a larger yard for their three young girls. The problem? They think that they can sell their small, toy-stuffed, semidetached home for about $850,000, before Jonathan works his renovation magic on it. In the Property Brothers’ estimation, their house is only worth about $700,000 as is.

As if these delusions weren’t bad enough, we learn that the couple hopes to buy a house with a finished basement and a large master suite for $750,000!

Drew patiently explains to his clients that if they ever hope to buy a new house, they’re going to have to make some sacrifices. Meanwhile, Jonathan attempts to whip their current home into top shape so they can fetch a high price for it—all with only a $60,000 renovation budget.

Hide the fire extinguisher

One of the first things Drew spots on display in Kylah and Jon’s old kitchen is a fire extinguisher. Kaylah hasn’t thought about it in years. “It was there when we bought the place,” she says. While all homes should have fire extinguishers, this does not mean they have to be hanging in plain sight.

Got that?

As Drew rightly points out, there are plenty of convenient places where you can stash a fire extinguisher so that it’s not an eyesore (or a visual reminder of imminent danger), yet is still readily within reach in case a fire breaks out.

Drew and Jonathan Scott are happy with a remodeled black-and-white kitchen in which the red fire extinguisher has been discreetly tucked away.
Drew and Jonathan Scott are happy with a remodeled black-and-white kitchen in which the red fire extinguisher has been discreetly tucked away.HGTV

Paint it black

Since the home’s exterior looks a little blah, Drew decides to paint the front door and garage door black. And with this plain old can of paint, he transforms this home’s look into something superstylish and unique in the neighborhood.

“It’s simple, it’s clean, and it stands out from the other houses in the area here,” says Drew.

Faux marble looks as good as the real thing

Jonathan is convinced that a fireplace in the otherwise bland living room will really spark things up, but he can’t afford to use real marble—so he finds a cheaper manmade product of crushed limestone and marble that looks smashing. “I can’t believe how realistic this looks,” he says. “Instead of spending a fortune on a real marble surround for the fireplace, we have a manmade product, and it’s perfect for the fireplace.” Seriously, no one would ever know the difference.

The faux-marble fireplace surround looks authentic.
The faux-marble fireplace surround looks authentic.HGTV

Hardwood floors are worth the money

So what is worth splurging on? The floor.

There’s an ugly, grungy grouted tile on the main floor of the house, and it looks as if it came from the bargain bin even when it was first put in 15 years ago. Pulling it up is a cinch, because it wasn’t even installed well in the first place. Jonathan plans to replace it with hardwood flooring. “I want the beautiful hardwood that we’re putting in here to be that extra that buyers will spend extra money on,” he says.

Small yards are OK if there’s a playground nearby

On the home-buying front, one of the family’s big priorities is a decent-sized yard for the girls to play in, but Jonathan shows them a home with a yard that’s not much bigger than the minuscule one they already have. When Kylah questions him about this, he points out that there’s a huge park with play equipment just a few steps away. Knowing that they have to make some sacrifices on their wish list, Kylah and Jon see this as acceptable.

Put guests in a hotel

Kylah says they really want a guest room where her parents can stay when they come to visit. The problem: The only homes big enough to have this extra space are waaaay out of their price range. What to do?

“I have one word for you: hotel,” says Drew. D’oh! Jon wonders why he didn’t think of that before. It could save them about $100,000 on the price of a home.

Do the Property Brothers deliver?

The family decides to sacrifice proximity to Jon’s work for a more spacious home and yard. After some serious negotiating, Drew arranges for them to purchase their favorite home for $715,000, which is $24,900 below asking price. Such a deal!

Meanwhile, Jonathan has done a marvelous job of converting their old, toy-stuffed home into a sleek, stylish, black-and-white oasis, only spending $57,000. When they get an offer of $815,000 for the place, they snap it up. Looks like high hopes and small budgets can actually sync up enough to make home buyers happy!

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