DON’T waste your money on these 8 organizers!

The 8 Products that Pro Organizers Say Aren’t Worth Spending Your Money On

Knowledge is power—especially when it comes to picking out solid organizational products. And with all the splashy storage options the Internet has to offer, sometimes having an idea of what not to buy can be just as insightful as knowing what’s good. No one knows this better than Clea Shearer and Joanna Teplin of The Home Edit.

The Nashville-based design team transforms chaotic rooms into stylish, streamlined spaces everyday. We asked for their help to figure out what kinds of organizational items we should stay away from, and they definitely didn’t disappoint. Read on for eight storage solutions the team at The Home Edit believes are totally worth skipping.

Linen Drop-Front Shoe Boxes

While linen drop-front storage can be great for certain things, Shearer says the shoebox options aren’t worth the hassle. “They are extremely expensive to buy in quantity,” she explains, “and since most people have more than a few pairs of shoes, they add up quickly.” Instead, she recommends investing in plastic alternatives that are less expensive but still offer a similar look.

Stackable Shoe Shelves

Another shoe storage trend the team at the Home Edit isn’t feeling is the stackable shoe shelf. “Not only are they are pricey and usually poorly designed,” Teplin explains, “in most cases there’s still not enough room to fit all of the shoes you own.”

Oversized Lazy Susan

There’s nothing The Home Edit gals love more than a good turntable. However, when they’re oversized and poorly built, Shearer says they can’t do the job they’re supposed to do. “Turntables work best when they’re made from a durable material and aren’t too big to spin steadily.” She says, “So be sure to stick with ones that are small but sturdy.” This way, they’ll fit on your shelves in and your cabinets and be put to good use.

2-Tier Acrylic Tower

Although Shearer and Teplin are huge fans of acrylic products, if they’re overpriced and impractical, then they’ve got to go. “Two-Tier acrylic towers are very pretty,” says Shearer, “but completely useless.” They simply do not store enough to be worth the expense. Instead, she suggests finding something equally chic with pullout drawers that’s small enough to fit under your bathroom or kitchen sink.

Canvas Hanging Compartments

If you ask Teplin, there’s no bigger organizational eyesore than hanging storage units. “Along with being flimsy and dust magnets,” she says, “they instantly make a closet feel like a dorm room.”

Stainless Steel 3-Tier Expanding Shelf

“We love expandable shelves, but they have to be functional and practical.” Teplin explains, “Not only are the stainless steel options twice the amount of money as other versions, but they’re much more narrow and therefore harder to fit much on.”

Lined Cloth Bins

According to Teplin, not all storage bins are created equal. “Bins with built-in liners that aren’t removable are incredibly hard to clean.” She explains, “Plus they’re often less durable—and costlier—than ones made from harder materials like plastic or seagrass, which defeats the purpose of having a storage bin altogether.”

Letter Trays

While it’s safe to say the team members at The Home Edit are advocates of stackable storage options, when it comes to disconnected letter trays, they can’t help but feel they create more problems than solutions. “Stacking letter trays that don’t lock in place are ultimately going to be a source of frustration.” Shearer explains, “Your best bet is to invest in an organizer with sliding drawers or securely attached trays.”

Thanks Clea and Joanna! Check out more of their good ideas at: The Home Edit

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