Renters Still Crave Homeownership

Renters Still Crave Homeownership

Homeownership is still the American dream, according to 84% of Americans. While the number of potential first-time homebuyers consistently hovers above 30%, it’s safe to say that the business of real estate tends to run in cycles. At any given moment inventory can fluctuate, interest rates can tick up or down, and sales can be very slow (or strong!) for a year… or two.

Key Findings: 2018 Aspiring Home Buyer Profile

Some key findings from this year’s non-homeowner respondents include:

  • Eight in 10 of non-owners view homeownership as a part of their American dream
  • 82% expressed a desire to own a home
  • 32% viewed the main reason for buying is due to lifestyle changes:
    •  Marriage
    • Family planning
    • Retirement
    • Employment changes
  • Affordability remained the main reason for non-owners not owning a home



By putting in the effort to truly know the local market and the overall industry trends influencing the business of real estate, real estate pros immediately gain the competitive advantage needed to survive each cycle of real estate; weak or strong. Homeownership is still craved by millions of Americans, and it’s your expertise that can connect them to their dreams.

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