The Cities Where Your Money Stretches The Furthest

~ in case you are thinking of moving, take these into consideration ~

The Cities Where Your Money Stretches The Furthest (And Where It Hardly Stretches At All) 

If being able to buy more for your money is important for you – and it is quite important to many people – then you’d do well to get yourself over to Birmingham, Alabama, or even Detroit, to get a better bang for your buck.

In those two cities, salaries tend to go further. Birmingham has the distinction of having the highest salaries in the country—adjusted for cost of living, anyway. This according to an analysis of U.S. cities conducted by, a massive job search and career information platform.

In Birmingham, the average adjusted salary is $86,196, and that buys quite a bit there—which is better than all other cities. In putting together its report, Indeed says it “calculated the average salary for all jobs with annual-salary information posted on between August 2016 and July 2017 in each of the 104 US metropolitan areas with at least 500,000 people, and then adjusted for each metro’s cost of living.”

Behind Birmingham, in second place, is Jackson, Mississippi, where the average adjusted salary is $84,995. In third place we find beautiful and scenic Fresno, California, with its $84,604 in average adjusted annual wages.

The Big Cities?

© A recent analysis of money and cost of living by sheds light on some cities where paychec…Are there larger, more well-known cities on the list? Well, yes: Cincinnati is in sixth place and Memphis is in seventh. But larger, more populace metropolis tend to have higher rents, higher taxes, higher cost products and services, and generally tend to be more expensive overall, making it tough to stretch a dollar in those places. did include an analysis of the larger urban areas in the country, though. The top big city to stretch a dollar was Detroit, where average annual adjusted salary is $81,474. Atlanta followed, with $80,271 in adjusted pay; and behind that was Dallas ($77,627), then San Francisco ($76,943) and Chicago ($76,201).

Where You Can’t Buy A Thrill

But what of the cities where your money hardly stretches at all? The report covers those as well—these are the places where cost of living is high and stymies the power of salary, making it very difficult to make ends meet.

According to’s analysis, Honolulu takes the prize for making it tough on those trying to eke out a living. In that island paradise, the average annual salary is $74,553. But when you adjust for the high cost of living, the salary sinks to $59,882. That’s a steep drop. At least the weather is nice.

In second place on the dreary list is Tuscon, Arizona, where an average adjusted salary stands at $67,554. That is followed by the Miami area ($69,170), the New York City metropolitan region ($69,295), and Oxnard, California ($70,160).


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