Before And After Pictures Of The Home Alone House 26 Years Later Will Ruin Your Childhood


Before And After Pictures Of The Home Alone House 26 Years Later Will Ruin Your Childhood

Home Alone is one of those classic festive films that most people have seen more than once: a 1990 Chris Columbus comedy, filled with broad slapstick, larger-than-life pratfalls and an ultimately touching Christmas message … that watching two idiotic burglars get thoroughly abused is hilarious. But integral to the movie’s success is it’s unique setting: the McCallister House.  When you were a kid, your first thought upon seeing this movie was probably: “Wow! Wouldn’t it be cool to have that house all to myself?” But if you saw it as an adult, you probably just thought “Wow! Wouldn’t it be cool to own a house that huge!”

Yes, it was pretty lucky that Kevin just so happened to live in a veritable palace. If the Wet Bandits had tried to invade my house, the whole fiasco would have been over pretty quickly. Located at 671 Lincoln Avenue in the village of Winnetka, Illinois, the three-story 1920’s house has changed hands a few times since the filming wrapped, and to be honest, nowadays the interior looks pretty much unrecognisable as the house that Joe Pesci and Daniel Stern laid siege to. Luckily, we have some insider images of this iconic house, so you can check out how much has changed in the house we all fantasised about running wild in as kids. Scroll down to take a look:

1. The dining room then


2. The dining room now


3. The bedroom then


4. The bedroom now


Despite the resemblance between the actual rooms and the ones in the films, few of the interior scenes were shot inside the real house. In the DVD’s director’s commentary Chris Columbus discusses recreating the interiors on a sound stage in a high school gymnasium, and a source tells me that they used the nearby New Trier High School, which happened to be vacant at the time. But we have even more amazing pics of this classic movie abode for you over on page two, and you don’t need to be a burglar to check them out.

5. The office then


6. The office now


7. The staircase then


8. The staircase now


In an interview with Chicago Magazine, Cynthia and John Abendshien, the owners of the house at the time of filming, stated that they were worried about the condition of the building during production. “We were told shooting would be four or five weeks,” Cynthia said. “The location manager warned us that under the contract, if they needed to knock down a wall when we weren’t home, they could do it.” Luckily for them, the house remained intact! Check out even more revealing images of this beautiful dwelling over on page three.

9. The kitchen then


10. The kitchen now


11. The floor plan



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