Mom comes up with a brilliant way to split bedroom into 2 without building a wall

~ so innovative! Click on link below to see full video. Also IKEA FTW ~

Mom comes up with a brilliant way to split bedroom into 2 without building a wall


As anyone who grew up in a household full of siblings can tell you, the prospect of not having enough space to stretch out and enjoy your childhood is a very difficult one. We all need to have enough space to spread our wings and learn more about ourselves as kids, but unfortunately, pesky siblings tend to get in the way of our good times.

Even something as simple as having a chair where you can sit by yourself and have a moment of peace and quiet is incredibly crucial to a child’s development. This creative mother was faced with a major dilemma when it came to creating space for her daughters and her solution is definitely one that needs to be shared with a wider audience.

This mother/blogger goes by the name of Clutter Bug and she loves to offer helpful tips to parents who are in need of them on her website. When her children started to lose their minds and began to bicker constantly about their shared bedroom, she came up with a solution that is highly inventive.

Would you believe that she was able to divide one spacious bedroom into two….without having to call a contractor and undergo any sort of renovation?

Parents would do well to take a lesson from this video and learn more about how they can renovate their homes more easily. There is no reason why you should ever have to shell out for an expensive contractor when there are a wide range of simple methods for fixing the problem.

If you would like to find out more about this mother’s renovation idea and how it can be implemented in your home, it is time to check out this amazing video, so that you can learn everything that you need to know.



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