Man Transforms IKEA Cabinets Into A Spacious Piece of Furniture!


Dad Transforms IKEA Kitchen Cabinets Into Brilliant Bedroom Storage

There is an endless list of high-end, designer beds out there that look quite amazing, but also have got a huge price tag attached, as well as insufficient storage space. Chris Heider is increasingly turning to be the talk of the town because of his clever experiment with some kitchen cabinets that helped him create a lovely platform bed for a comfortable good night’s sleep, which has also got plenty of space underneath to keep their household items! Check out the video below!

This Man Transforms IKEA Cabinets Into A Super-cool and Spacious Piece of Furniture! – Cute DIY Projects

ikea platform storage bed

An innovative and incredible do-it-yourself idea, the bed actually comprises of some wall cabinets and Haggeby white cheapest doors, along with an open cabinet which was transformed into the smallest step for the bed. What’s surprising is that the whole process doesn’t cost him more than 500 dollars ! Plus, it was just a matter of few hours to work out the brand new platform bed that goes just perfect with their interior, offering an outstanding element of charm to their home, keeping it all neat and spacious.

Take a look at the below YouTube video by Chris Heider where he demonstrates his awesome job converting regular IKEA cabinets into a chic, trendy and purposeful platform bed, that’s just so inspiring and be adventurous to that you are surely going to head towards crafting out your very own stylish piece of furniture from the some store-bought shelves or cabinets, no matter what’s the brand!

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