Resolution to get fit? Start here

If your New Years Resolution is to get fit or enjoy more of the out doors, check out the below!


Mt Rubidoux – Free, Open usual hours

California State Historic Park – Free tours being offered from 8am to 12pm Jan 1

Box Springs Mountain – Free, Open usual hours

Sycamore Canyon – Free, Open usual hours

Grand Terrace

Blue Mountain – Free, Annual hike Sunrise or Noon departure times

Other Inland Empire Trails

Etiwanda Preserve

Santa Ana River

“M” Trail in Moreno Valley

Bonita Canyon Falls

Joshua Tree




Kick start your year with these tips

Financial Clutter, What To Keep And What To Get Rid Of


Keep till warranty expires or can no longer return or exchange

  • Sales Receipts (Unless needed for tax purposes and then keep for 3 years)

What to keep for 1 month

  • ATM Printouts (When you balance your checkbook each month throw out the ATM receipts)

What to keep for 1 year

  • Paycheck Stubs (You can get rid of once you have compared to your W2 & annual social security statement)
  • Utility Bills (You can throw out after one year, unless you’re using these as a deduction like a home office –then you need to keep them for 3 years after you’ve filed that tax return)
  • Cancelled Checks (Unless needed for tax purposes and then you need to keep for 3 years)
  • Credit Card Receipts (Unless needed for tax purposes and then you need to keep for 3 years)
  • Bank Statements (Unless needed for tax purposes and then you need to keep for 3 years)
  • Quarterly Investment Statements (Hold on to until you get your annual statement)

What to keep for 3 years

  • Income Tax Returns (Please keep in mind that you can be audited by the IRS for no reason up to three years after you filed a tax return. If you omit 25% of your gross income that goes up to 6 years and if you don’t file a tax return at all, there is no statute of limitations.)
  • Medical Bills and Cancelled Insurance Policies
  • Records of Selling a House (Documentation for Capital Gains Tax)
  • Records of Selling a Stock (Documentation for Capital Gains Tax)
  • Receipts, Cancelled Checks and other Documents that Support Income or a Deduction on your Tax Return (Keep 3 years from the date the return was filed or 2 years from the date the tax was paid — which ever is later)
  • Annual Investment Statement (Hold onto 3 years after you sell your investment.)

What to keep for 7 years

  • Records of Satisfied Loans

What to hold while active

  • Contracts
  • Insurance Documents
  • Stock Certificates
  • Property Records
  • Stock Records
  • Records of Pensions and Retirement Plans
  • Property Tax Records Disputed Bills (Keep the bill until the dispute is resolved)
  • Home Improvement Records (Hold for at least 3 years after the due date for the tax return that includes the income or loss on the asset when it’s sold)


Keep Forever

  • Marriage Licenses
  • Birth Certificates
  • Wills
  • Adoption Papers
  • Death Certificates
  • Records of Paid Mortgages

* These documents should be kept in a very safe place, like a safety deposit box.

Best (timeless) colors for your kitchen

Kitchen Color Schemes: Avoiding Kitschy Colors

Kitchen painted green | Kitchen Color Schemes
Image: Anna Williams/
The never-regret kitchen starts with the right hues.

The kitchen is the heart of the household, a place where you prepare meals and make memories. So it only makes sense that your kitchen’s color scheme reflects your unique tastes and personality, right?

The answer to that is yes — and no.

Although there may be a special hue that gets your heart thumping, there are many reasons why it makes sense to opt for a neutral palette in your kitchen. Many design professionals agree that using shades like white, beige, or gray as the foundation for your kitchen not only open up a spectrum of colorful possibilities, but enhance the value of your home.

The Never-Regret Factor

“Timeless colors are perfect, whether for resale or for your dream home,” says Jackie Jordan, Dallas-based director of color marketing for Sherwin-Williams. “Your kitchen won’t suffer from this-looks-like-it-was-done-in-the-90s comments if you opt for a neutral palette.”

“It’s a space where potential buyers envision themselves spending a lot of time,” agrees Sue Pelley, spokesperson for Decorating Den Interiors in Easton, Md. Thus, although you may believe your purple cabinets are divine, others may think they’re dreadful. And that, she says, can be a real barrier to a sale.

The Versatility of Neutrals

Grey kitchen with yellow bar stoolsImage: Canon Shots Photography

But does going soft and natural mean you have to stifle your inner Van Gogh? Not a chance.

“A neutral kitchen is the perfect canvas to personalize as your tastes change,” says Jordan. “It gives you the opportunity to accessorize with fun rugs, dinnerware — even just a fresh vase of flowers to liven things up.”

“I love being able to change moods with colors, often inspired by the changing seasons,” says Wendy F. Johnson, a certified kitchen and bath designer based in Manchester Village, Vt. “Neutrals can provide the base for a huge range of related or contrasting colors to be used with them, from bright and saturated to peaceful, muted hues.”

Texture also adds enormous impact to a neutral kitchen. A combination of materials from rough to smooth and matte to high gloss creates visual contrast and reflects light differently throughout the day, says Johnson. “For example, you can mix barn wood walls and satin painted drywall, white oak cabinetry with glass insets, lustrous concrete countertops with a stone tile backsplash. These might all be in the same tones, but there is nothing boring here.”

Using Color to Complement Your Kitchen’s Size

Your kitchen’s square footage is another important factor to consider when choosing a color palette. If the space is small, opt for paler hues for cabinets, walls, and countertops. Shades of white, bone, or cream reflect light and help a tiny kitchen feel brighter and more spacious.

Neutrals are also a great choice for kitchens that open up to other rooms, notes Pelley. “If your kitchen is part of a great room design, remember that any new paint will need to work with the color schemes in those rooms, too.”

Non-Permanent Ways to Add Pops of Color

Colorful Roman shade in a home kitchenImage:

Rather than committing to a single color scheme, a neutral kitchen lets you sample the rainbow. One option is to choose coordinating window treatments and chair cushions to liven up the space, says Johnson. An eye-catching poster, multihued area rug, or a collection of pottery displayed on a shelf all add personality to your kitchen and are easy to change when you’re ready for something new.

Paint is another low-cost way to incorporate a pop or two of color into a neutral room. You can grab a brush and paint your kitchen chairs or counter stools, or add a bright hue to the interior of a glass cabinet. Ready for something bigger? Consider rolling a bold shade on a single wall to create lively contrast in an otherwise single-color space.

Top Neutral Color Schemes

Neutrals may be timeless, but there are some combinations that look especially fresh. “I love warm grays and whites — always have,” says Johnson. “There are so many natural materials available in these tones that mix together beautifully, and all colors look gorgeous against this type of palette.”

Sherwin-Williams’ Jordan also favors white and light grays in a kitchen. “It’s a sleek and modern combination that works perfectly with the ever-popular stainless steel appliances and subway tile.”

When it comes to a big-ticket item like a kitchen, it makes sense to choose a palette that will endure for the long term, says Johnson. “Those of us who thrive in colorful surroundings will groan at this, but even we need some soft, peaceful environments sometimes.”

27 Cheap Ways To Improve Your Bathroom

27 Cheap Ways To Improve Your Gross Bathroom ASAP

Say you’re at the spa this weekend when you’re really staycationing in your ultra-glam bath.

Andrew Richard / BuzzFeed

We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales from the links on this page.

1. Make lengthy tub stays comfier on your back and neck with this spa bath pillow that has seven(!) suction cups to prevent slippage. Plus, it’s waterproof and really easy to clean.

Get it from Amazon for $12.99+. / Available with two (shown) or three panels.

2. Pump in soothing, spa-like atmospheric tunes or just drown out your own horrible singing with a water-resistant, Bluetooth-enabled shower speaker.

Our condolences to your roommates.

Get it from Amazon for $20.79.

3. Install a fancy two-in-one shower head that’s totally within your budget.

The Delta In2ition Two-In-One Shower installs easily, has five spray patterns, and a detachable shower head that’s magnetized for easier replacing.

Get it from Amazon for $59.65.

4. Get the bidet experience without the required construction with this self-cleaning nozzle attachment that installs on your regular old toilet.

Get it from Amazon for $25.99.

5. Boost your mood by bringing in a pretty container plant that’s meant to thrive in a humid environment.

Emilia Jane Photography / Via

Some good plant picks include Orchids, Peace Lilies, Bamboo, and Spider Plants. See the whole enviable home tour on The Everygirl.

Get a four-tier bamboo shelf (for potted plants, other stuff) from Amazon for $39.99.

6. Swap your inherited towel bars with this DIY lucite towel bar because nothing screams luxury like clear stuff.

Read the full tutorial on A Beautiful Mess.

Or get a similar curtain rod (with hardware) from Urban Outfitters for $34.

7. Park it while you soak up the steam or shave your legs on an easy clean bamboo shower bench.

Get it from Wayfair for $40.99.

8. Squeeze in a lidded corner trash can that looks more like a sculpture than a receptacle for your dirty cotton swabs.

Get it from Amazon for $10+. / Available in eight colors.

9. Liven up the inside of a plain medicine cabinet with peel-and-stick wallpaper that you can take with you when you move.

Read the full tutorial on Design Improvised.

Get a 24×48 tile of removable wallpaper from Canvas on Demand for $37.99.

10. Pour your favorite hand soap and lotion into this elegant oil can–style soap pump set. No one’ll know its source is a economy size hand bottle.

Get them from Target for $18.99.

11. Replace the plain rectangle mirror that was there when you moved in with a pretty wall mirror.

Get it from Target for $37.99.

12. Make a runny rose feel like a chance to appreciate some art with this house-shape tissue-box cover.

“Oh, this old thing? I eyed it at Art Basel and HAD to have it!”

Get it from Amazon for $7.36. / Available in three colors.

13. Play it cool with this minimalist toothbrush holder that’ll make you want to leave out your dental cleaning tools.

Get it from Anthropologie for $12. / Available in two colors.

14. Opt for a show-stealing shower curtain in a cool print like these cactus or zodiac winners.

Get them from Urban Outfitters for $59 and $39.

Get them from Urban Outfitters for $59 and $39.

15. Free up room in the shower from cumbersome toiletry caddies with this pocketed shower liner that’s easily hidden behind your pretty shower curtain.

Get it from Amazon for $16.84.

16. Extend the life of your fancy soap with this elegant soap dish that drains water in between uses to prevent wasteful mush.

Get it from Amazon for $6.46.

17. Soak into complete relaxation with a bathtub caddy that doesn’t add bulk, just room for the essentials like a book, glass of wine, and soap.

Get it from Amazon for $29.98.

18. Take some extra time toweling off while standing on a cushy memory-foam bath mat that’s super-absorbant.

Get it from Bed, Bath & Beyond for $14.99. / Available in seven colors.

19. Add an adjustable, no-fog shaving mirror to your shower routine to prevent nicks and enable thorough pore examinations.

“Why yes, I had the best facial this weekend.”

Get it from Amazon for $29.99.

20. Hide an unsightly cleaning essential in plain sight with a streamlined, compact toilet brush.

Get it from Amazon for $15.99. / Available in three colors.

21. Stash dirty towels and other unmentionables in this pretty indigo Shibori hamper that only looks expensive.

Get it from Urban Outfitters for $39. / Also available in peach Shibori, Kali print, black and white grid, and blue marble.

22. Swap out your old hand towels for this ikat-floral towel for a steal.

Get it from Amazon for $4.77. / Also available in a fingertip towel and bath towel.

23. Hide the stuff you need — but is really ugly — nearby in this nice little wall-mount cabinet that makes good use of the space above your toilet.

Get it from Amazon for $40.49.

24. Overcome shower-curtain snags while you’re trying to get in and out in a jiffy with easy-glide shower rings that also make for easier curtain or liner removal for cleaning.

Coordinate the rings with the finish of your bathroom fixtures for a cohesive look.

Get a set of 12 from Amazon for $6.71+. / Available in brushed nickel (shown), chrome, and oil-rubbed bronze.

25. Turn a shower into a spa treatment with this aromatherapy system that dispenses essential oils directly into your shower’s hot water.

Get a starter kit from Uncommon Goods for $45.

26. Stash paper goods in plain sight on this glam toilet-paper holder.

Get it from CB2 for $24.95.

27. At the very least, just light a clean-smelling candle and close your eyes. It’ll kinda be like you’re in a spa with triple-filtered air pumping through the vents.

Get it from Amazon for $6.64.

Riverside, Redlands plan to add ‘food halls’ to menu options

Riverside, Redlands plan to add ‘food halls’ to menu options

Projects in both cities would bring an array of cuisine to central spots.

An artist’s rendering shows a dining area at Riverside’s planned Food Lab. The food hall should be open by late 2017.

Within a few years, the Inland area will see new food halls open in Riverside and Redlands, following an urban trend of offering eclectic dining options under one roof.

Redlands officials this month approved a deal to sell an old citrus packing house to Pomona-based Arteco Partners, the same developer that is creating a Riverside food hall in a building leased from the city.

The Mutual Orange Distributors Packinghouse, at 330 N. Third St. near the Krikorian Cinema, will be restored according to historical standards. The city is selling the building for $320,000 in “as is” condition.

“I’ve seen what (Arteco has) done before and I’m really excited about it, and really looking forward to getting this project done,” Councilwoman Pat Gilbreath said Tuesday, Dec. 6. “A lot of people in the community are looking forward to getting it done as well.”

Arteco Partners specializes in re-using historic buildings. The firm’s work includes the Pomona Packing Plant, Pomona Fox Theater and Claremont Packing House. Now called the Food Lab, the Riverside project will be in a new building next to the city’s historic Fox Performing Arts Center.

The Riverside and Redlands projects are being designed, but Riverside’s will open first, possibly by the 2017 Festival of Lights, Arteco President Jerry Tessier said.

Construction should start in spring. Tessier said he’s not ready to name specific tenants, but he wants to offer choices from breakfast all the way through post-concert food and drinks.

“We’re definitely going to have a coffee shop,” as well as chefs and artisans making craft burgers, deli sandwiches, salads, vegetarian and vegan fare, ice cream or yogurt, ethnic cuisine and craft beer and cocktails, he said.

The project started with Mess Hall on Market street as its name, but “We actually discovered there was a trademark issue” with that name, Tessier said.

So he instead came up with Food Lab, which he said will fit with the experimental vibe of the place.

“The idea is that this is where chefs are trying out new concepts and they’re trying out seasonal menus” and using locally produced ingredients, he said.

At the Redlands facility, visitors will find sit-down restaurants and specialty food businesses as well as historical and educational displays and public art.

Businesses could rent a space in the Redlands Packing Plant, allowing them to avoid the cost and time it takes to open a restaurant or store.

Tessier said his team is excited to get to work.

“We’ve already gotten several people interested and are really getting a good buzz about the project in the community,” he said.

The project is anticipated to take about two years, with construction expected to start in 2017.

The Redlands Packing Plant is a working name, but more discussions are expected on an official name and how to market it.

Arteco’s proposal was chosen from six submitted to a subcommittee with members that included Mayor Paul Foster, Mayor Pro Tem Jon Harrison and city officials.

“I think the more we get to know Redlands, the more we feel like this project is a great fit,” Tessier said. “And we have an idea of what type of uses should go in the project to really make it something unique and very successful for Redlands.”

How Riverside hopes to protect homes near Santa Ana River from fires

How Riverside hopes to protect homes near Santa Ana River from fires

A pattern of blazes sparks a massive city project to clear 12 acres of brush near Fairmount Park.

Riverside resident Chani Beeman has watched with alarm more than once as fires in the Santa Ana River bottom near Fairmount Park moved dangerously close to her neighborhood.

“You get these palm trees on fire, they’re waving like torches,” she said. “It’s pretty frightening.”

A growing number of fires in the area in recent years and the growth of dense vegetation – some creeping right next to homes in the Bubbling Wells neighborhood – have led Riverside officials to take a big step to boost safety.

Last week, city crews, accompanied by bulldozers and trash haulers, cut through a thick swath of dense brush along the park, clearing a 500-foot-wide break over 12 acres. The break also has a dirt path public safety vehicles can use more easily.

Workers from public works, the fire and park and recreation departments cleared material that included nonnative vegetation such as palm trees – which can be a danger if embers catch onto fronds – and Indian tobacco brush, Riverside fire Batallion Chief Bruce Vanderhorst said.

Also removed were non-native grasses, grapevines, brush and low-hanging tree branches as well as trash and debris.

“Eventually, we’d like to see through these trees,” Vanderhorst said. “For a healthy forest, you’re supposed to be able to see a quarter mile in.”

The thick vegetation presented a fire risk to nearby residents, homeless who camp there and firefighters responding to fires, Vanderhorst said.

Riverside City Councilman Mike Gardner, who represents the area, said parks crews usually clear about 10-15 feet of brush as part of their maintenance.

But it was the area’s first major cleanup. He’d like to see it done regularly.

“It’s going to provide good fire protection and long term it’s going to be better for the natural area and the habitat,” he said.

Gardner said he hopes the area near the river eventually will be restored to its natural wetlands habitat, with amenities such as a nature trail and an interpretive center.

Beeman, among the residents raising concerns, said she’s glad to see action. “It doesn’t take much on a windy day for there to be a real threat to our neighborhood,” she said.

Fires have broken out regularly in the area. For example, firefighters battled five fires in a less than a week in September. In October 2015, one blaze that started in the riverbed burned 24 acres.

Fires started in homeless encampments have been a problem, Vanderhorst said, but fire risk also arises from downed power lines and Santa Ana winds that quickly whip flames.

Mike Whitham, a city homeless services specialist, went out to meet homeless campers the day before the clearing to tell them of the project. Most had left by Wednesday morning, before crews arrived.

But signs of the encampments remained deep inside the dense brush: a hammock was strung between tree branches in one spot. A shopping cart and some clothes were strewn around the dirt in another.

Officials have offered the homeless information on the city’s shelter and other resources, Whitham said.

As crews toiled Wednesday morning, Stan Shannon, 88, a Bubbling Wells resident, stopped to take a look while walking his dog, Annie.

“It will look a lot nicer,” he said. “We did have a fire out in there, so we’re glad they’re going to clean it up.”

Markets with the Highest Rental Rate Increases

The Markets with the Highest Rental Rate Increases

RentRange released an analysis of the top U.S. Metropolitan Statistical Areas (MSAs) with the highest increases in average rental rate for single-family homes in Q3 from the year prior. The report found that there was a notable shift from the past several quarters’ trend of metros located in the Sun Belt to metros found in the Rust Belt.

“The emergence of rental rate increases in several Rust Belt markets is creating a unique opportunity for single-family rental market investors to pursue both property value increases and high yields,” say Wally Charnoff, CEO, RentRange Data Services. “For years, the Rust Belt has produced strong yields, but tepid property price appreciation has kept rents relatively flat, forcing investors to choose between property appreciation or yield.”

With the report noting that rental rate increases among the Rust Belt emerged in Q3, RentRange is also quick to acknowledge that Florida and California saw their list representation reduced by half compared to the year prior after long dominating the ranking of highest increases.

RentRange reports that Florida has finally experienced a stabilization of rent increases nearly a decade after the housing crisis. In contrast to the market changes witnessed in Q3, the report says the notable single-family rental rate growth in already expensive areas with robust, expanding economies and tight inventory, is one trend that has not changed.

“Strengthening economies in those markets combined with below average inventory and home buying challenges, such as home buyers struggling to obtain mortgages, are creating the perfect environment for rental investors,” adds Charnoff. “At the same time, markets like Seattle and San Francisco offer less yield than these markets since prices are already very elevated.”

Top 10 Markets with the Highest Increase in Rental Rate

  1. Seattle-Tacoma-Bellevue WA
  2. Deltona-Daytona Beach-Ormond Beach FL
  3. Lake Havasu City-Kingman AZ
  4. San Francisco-Oakland-Hayward CA
  5. Charleston-North Charleston SC
  6. Charlotte-Concord-Gastonia NC-SC
  7. Myrtle Beach-Conway-North Myrtle Beach SC-NC
  8. Austin-Round Rock TX
  9. Cape Coral-Fort Myers FL
  10. Hickory-Lenoir-Morganton NC