HGTV designers share 4 low-cost ways to cozy up your home for fall

HGTV designers share 4 low-cost ways to cozy up your home for fall

Jeanie Ahn

Fall is the perfect time to update your home with warmer, cozier decor. To find out how to achieve a luxurious look for less, we invited husband-and-wife team Dave and Kortney Wilson of HGTV’s Masters of Flip for their fast and simple design ideas.

Layer to instantly warm up any room

Decorating for the cooler seasons is all about layering. An easy way to do this is by draping blankets and throws on top of living room or bedroom furniture. Adding a second rug can also add warmth and can even solve a design dilemma. “Layering a small statement rug over a larger, more neutral one serves to both cover a larger area of floor and frame that special rug to make it stand out,” says Kortney. What Dave loves about this idea is that you only have to buy a small statement rug to get that extra warmth, coverage and pizazz.

Reuse old frames for a gallery wall

Another quick update that instantly adds an intimate feel is to create a gallery wall of family photos or artwork. It’s an easy way to add pattern and color to your home. Kortney loves to mix and match different frames she already owns. For her, the most important design element to keep in mind is grounding the wall with a common theme—such as a color found in all the artwork or in all the frames. “If you have a bunch of frames and none of the artwork matches, you can take a bunch of old frames and paint them in one color palette going from light to dark,” says Kortney.

Paint your trim

If you have white walls and don’t want a whole new color scheme, consider painting just your trim—baseboards, molding and even doors—gray or even black. For under $50, about the price of a gallon of paint, you can achieve a bold, warm look for the fall. It might seem daring to go for a dark trim, but the Wilsons agree that it’s a clean look that can stand the test of time. “If you have a lighter colored wall, going black is timeless and can make your wall colors pop,” says Kortney.

Rearrange your bedroom

Because few people see it, pouring money into updating your bedroom’s decor may not be worth it. But just a little furniture reshuffling can completely change a room’s ambiance. One of the duo’s favorite redesign tips for a small space is to place the bed under a window. “People automatically go to the wall without the windows to frame their bed. It’s a misconception that limits you. Instead, think of your window as the headboard and use it to frame your bed with curtains or drapes,” says Kortney.

For more of their stunning transformations, check out “Masters of Flip” on HGTV, Monday nights at 9 p.m. Eastern.

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