The 50 Best Burritos in America 2016

The 50 Best Burritos in America 2016

The Daily Meal

When you think about it, the burrito might be the world’s most perfect food. Seriously, what’s not to love? A jumbo flour tortilla, steamed and pliable, filled with beans, cheese, meat, and vegetables, customizable to the extreme. Want guacamole and Mexican crema? Sure. Want grilled vegetables instead of meat? Sure, there are plenty of vegetarian options available. All the food groups are covered, and best of all, the burrito is handheld. In honor of this bundle of culinary joy, we’re pleased to present our fourth annual ranking of the best burritos in America.

~ Click on the link above to check them all out. San Jose is #50 – San Diego #40 – San Bernardino #34 – San Diego (again) #31 – Los Angeles #28 – San Francisco #27 – #24 Albany – Los Angeles (again) #23 – San Francisco (again) #21 – San Diego (again) #20 – San Diego (again, a trend maybe?) #18, San Francisco (again, another trend?) #16, San Diego (again, definitely a trend) #13, San Francisco (again and trending) #12 – San Diego (again, trend still going) #5 – Los Angeles (again, starting to trend) #4 – Los Angeles (again, trending strong) #3 – San Francisco (again, closing out the trend) #1. So many awesome spot in CA to try out, many in SoCal! ~

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