Harry Potter’s Muggle Home Available for Purchase

~ The cat is out of the bag now, I am a Potter Head and I would pick up and buy this house right now if I could 😉 ~

Harry Potter’s Muggle Home Available for Purchase

The magical wizarding world dreamed up by J.K. Rowling is filled with many fantastical locales. And now, provided you have enough galleons, you might get to call one of them home: 4 Privet Drive in Little Whinging. Yes, that’s right, you can own the home of Harry Potter’s most popular characters, the Dursleys!

The building that was used as the exterior shot for the Boy Who Lived’s muggle home in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone is for sale. The house, which is actually in Bracknell, Berkshire, has three bedrooms. We suppose that none of those three is actually a cupboard under the stairs.

It features:

  • a driveway and garage, perfect for stowing Ford Anglias, whether they fly or not.
  • a refitted kitchen and breakfast room — a must after the incident with Aunt Marge.
  • a big yard behind the house, but not so big that your house elf will be too overworked.
  • “many improvements throughout” (that one’s our favorite). Guys, ease up! You’re overwhelming us with your specificity.

So, how much will this run you? The real estate firm Chancellors is asking for £475,000, or roughly $620,000. Some are suggesting that the high price tag is the result of its connection to Harry Potter and because it’s within an hour of London

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