Imperial Lofts Construction – To Start!

Imperial Lofts Construction to Require Sidewalk, Alley, Street Closures

Bold new residential development on Main Street Mall to increase downtown housing options

RIVERSIDE, Calif. – Site preparation for the Imperial Lofts project on the Main Street Mall in downtown Riverside is scheduled to start early next week, which will require the full or partial closure of a nearby sidewalk, alley and street.

The project from Ratkovich Properties on the east side of Main Street, north of University Avenue, will include retail stores on the ground level, 91 apartments and underground parking for residents.

“Imperial Lofts is the next step in the development of downtown Riverside and promises to bring even more life and energy to the area when it is completed,” said City Councilman Mike Gardner, who represents the area. “The increased economic vitality of downtown from the mix of businesses and residences there will be worth the inconvenience in the meantime.”

Construction is expected to take 18 months and will include demolition of all of the Imperial Hardware Building except the wall that faces the Main Street Mall; excavation for underground parking; and construction of a new building that is connected to the remaining wall of the old building. The site includes land now being used as a parking lot north of University Avenue.

Construction typically will be from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. weekdays, and 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Saturdays, and will create noise, dust and traffic. Various closures to ensure the safety of the walking, biking and driving public include:

 Fencing along the property line securing the existing Imperial Hardware Building and the adjacent parking lot. This fence will not interfere with parking on University Avenue or pedestrian access on the Main Street Mall or the sidewalk on the north side of University.

 When demolition of the Imperial Hardware Building begins, fencing will be extended 25 feet from the west side of the building onto the Main Street Mall, as well as on the south side of the building to include the sidewalk on the north side of University Avenue and 9 feet into the


traffic lane on University Avenue that is closest to the sidewalk. This will eliminate access to five on-street parking spaces on University Avenue in front of the project.

 The alley that runs north-south from University Avenue to Mission Inn Avenue will be closed from University to the north side of the Imperial Hardware Building, but a six-foot-wide pedestrian walkway will be maintained. The alley from the Mission Inn Avenue side will remain open to vehicles between Mission Inn Avenue and the north side of the Imperial Hardware Building.

There will be some overlap with already-underway improvements to University Avenue between Orange Street and Park Avenue, but that project is scheduled for completion by late August.

“The Imperial Lofts project is the first of many developments that will be breaking ground in our downtown in the coming months,” Mayor Rusty Bailey said. “From housing to hotels to commercial buildings, downtown Riverside is poised to take a giant step forward.”


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