UCR Family Student Housing Complex to Be Closed in Summer 2017

UCR Family Student Housing Complex to Be Closed in Summer 2017

New Physical Master Plan Study calls for mixed-use development with more housing to replace the facility

The 55-acre Canyon Crest Family Student Housing complex served generations of student families.

The 55-acre Canyon Crest Family Student Housing complex served generations of student families.

The modest collection of more than 250 bungalows opened in 1940 to serve as military housing for U.S. personnel.

Seventy-eight years later, after serving generations of UC Riverside students with families, the 55-acre Canyon Crest Family Student Housing will be closed to make way for more modern facilities.

UCR announced the change to residents yesterday – a year before the closing – to give people a chance to make a smooth transition. Those families who need new space will be offered apartments at Oban campus apartments, located at Canyon Crest Ave. and Linden Street, right across from the UCR Police Department.

Oban apartments will be the new location for family student housing.

The Canyon Crest Family Student Housing complex will be at the end of its useful life in July, 2017, campus officials said. The water, sewer and electrical systems need constant updates, and service outages have become too common. It is not keeping up with modern family demands.

“Unfortunately, the Canyon Crest Family Student Housing facility has neared its viable limit as a place to properly house students and their family members,” said Andy Plumley, assistant vice chancellor for auxiliary services, which includes campus housing.  “We must close the facility down to make way for a possible future development that is envisioned to provide a mix of student housing, shops and restaurants, and other amenities.”

The site was acquired by UCR in 1955.

As mentioned in recent campus wide Town Hall meetings, the current location of family housing has been designated for mixed-use activities, including future student housing, recreation, retail, and a Campus events center, in the campus’ Physical Master Plan Study.

The following components represent the initial stages of the phase-down process in Canyon Crest Family Student Housing:

  • Current Residents

In general, current residents may continue their residency up to July 14, 2017. Those residents who have an expected graduation date beyond spring 2017, will be offered alternative apartment-style  housing at a discounted rate, which would escalate over two years until it meets the going rate in year three.

  • Waiting List

Family Housing at Canyon Crest will no longer be available to students on the current waiting list. Alternative apartment-style housing and rate structure will be announced by this summer and will be available for occupancy beginning fall 2017.  Students currently on the waiting list will be given priority for spaces available at the new site and rate structure.

Plumley noted that there are ample housing opportunities in the community adjacent to UCR. To begin a search for local apartments and homes for rent, he suggested that UCR students with families utilize some of the many online search services available at http://housing.ucr.edu/.


~ What do you think of this? I personally am not happy. I knew quite a few families that lived here while their parents were completing their education and it was a Godsend ~

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