WATER: Diverted, recycled Riverside wastewater to be used for irrigation

WATER: Diverted, recycled Riverside wastewater to be used for irrigation

About 500,000 gallons Orangecrest area wastewater will be diverted from the Santa Ana River, recycled and used for local watering needs.
From PE.com 5/2/16

About 500,000 gallons in recycled wastewater will be reused for irrigation in Riverside under a project between the city and Western Municipal Water District.

The Western/Riverside Wastewater Diversion Project will send Orangecrest area wastewater to be recycled and used to water Riverside National Cemetery, General Old Golf Course, schools, parks and local agriculture.

The temporary project, approved by the Riverside City Council April 26, will generate about $300,000 for the agencies, according to a press release from the water supplier.

Riverside will get about $70,000 a year in extra revenue, while pressure on the sewer system will be reduced. The project may offset Western wastewater customers’ costs by up to four percent, according to the district.

Normally, the water is treated and released into the Santa Ana River, which benefits downstream users without compensation, Riverside Public Works Director Kris Martinez said in a prepared statement.


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