9 Ordinary Looking Houses That Will Surprise You With What’s Inside

From Buzzfeed 2/11/16

1. This looks like just another one of those average storage barn places.

Morton Buildings / Via mysanantonio.com

Yeah, no. It’s not.

Morton Buildings / Via mysanantonio.com

It’s a custom-built house in San Antonio, Texas made by Morton Buildings. They specialize in making these giant, hangar type properties.

Morton Buildings / Via mysanantonio.com

It’s huge.

Morton Buildings / Via mysanantonio.com

2. This is a three bedroom, three bathroom house in Newport, Oregon.

It looks… pretty boring.

On the inside, it’s like a medieval castle.

Like, it’s legit.

Look at this archway!

The dining room!

And the best part —-> The bedroom.

You can purchase it, stained-glass and all, for the low price of $399,000.

3. This crappy looking place is in the French quarter of New Orleans.

Except it’s actually nice as hell.


You can buy this guy for a cool $1,160,000.

And it even comes with this backyard.

4. This one’s a little different. It’s in Toronto.

Go inside and you’ll realize almost immediately…

… that you’ve gone back in time.

The house has been left unchanged since the 1960s.

The woman who owns the house is 97 years old and has left it in “pristine” condition.

I mean, look at this bar and wood paneling.

It was on the market for $699,000.

5. This next one is in Upstate New York and perfect for a zombie apocalypse.

… but there’s something else…

… open that huge door…

… and you’re into your own personal underground home.

Wait out the zombie apocalypse in comfort for $1,760,000.

There’s a silo too!


6. Here’s another one in the UK.

It has a normal backyard.

Thing is: IT’S ALL PURPLE.

Literally everything…

So you better like purple.

And guess what? Someone actually bought this house for £400,000.

7. This one’s a fine looking house.

It has a basic living room…

… a normal kitchen…

… and basic bedroom. Nothing fishy here.

But what’s that back there?!

Oh, nothing. It’s just YOUR OWN PRIVATE PUB.

This house has a private pub in the backyard.

It’s a totally real, functioning pub. This sold for £249,950.

8. Now we’re in Chicago.

I’ll spare the dramatics, this apartment is straight up untouched since the 1970s.

Like, look at that wallpaper!

The dining room!

And whatever is happening in here.

This one is for sale for only $168,724!

9. Lastly, this house in Oxford looks legit. It was for rent for £2,250 per month.

Zoopia / Via metro.co.uk

It has a nice little living room…

Zoopia / Via metro.co.uk

… a quaint little dining area…

Zoopia / Via metro.co.uk

… and a totally fine kitchen.

Zoopia / Via metro.co.uk

There’s also a giant shark sticking out of the building.

Zoopia / Via metro.co.uk

Happy house hunting!

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