Self-Cleaning Can Break Your Oven. There’s a Safer, Better Way.

~ ok first and foremost I love self-cleaning ovens because bending into the stove to clean them is my least favorite chore! But if I will make my stove better I guess I can learn something new as well! ~

‘Self-Cleaning’ Can Break Your

Oven. There’s a Safer, Better Way.

From Yahoo Makers 1/6/16
Be honest: When was the last time you actually gave your oven a good scrub?

Stop before you hit the self-clean button on your appliance — it’s unfortunately not that easy. According to the Kitchn, most oven repair calls are due to that very feature. During the self-cleaning process, modern ovens get so hot — we’re talking, like, 1,000 degrees — that the fuse pops and burns out the control panels. Despite this common problem, customers demand the option, making ovens without self-cleaning options difficult to sell.

What’s a germ-fearing baker to do with this vicious cycle? Grab the baking soda.

This easy, toxic-chemical-free way to clean your oven will not only make your appliance shine, it will also keep it in good working order

To view step by step video click here


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