The 3 Big Kitchen Trends for 2016: Simplicity, Convenience and Color

The 3 Big Kitchen Trends for

2016: Simplicity, Convenience and


Take a deep breath, close your eyes, and breathe out 2015. Once you’ve slowed your heart rate, open your eyes to the simple, elegant kitchen trends of 2016.

Benjamin Moore and Pantone both announced super soothing picks for their colors of 2016, and it’s no surprise that these trending hues are being met with pared-down kitchen designs that emphasize simplicity, craftsmanship, and convenience.

But don’t think that means 2016 is going to be boring. There’ll be plenty of pizzazz and interesting touches — just in a more mellow way. (And speaking trends that have run their course, stainless steel is finally taking a break.)

As perfect accents to 2016’s pared-down vibe, many companies have come out with colorful editions of your favorite kitchen appliances and accessories.

So chill out and get excited, 2016 is all about the drama … without the drama.

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