Woman Turns Home Into Giant Gingerbread House for the Holidays

From Yahoo Homes 12/8/15

Christine McConnell xmas2

When Christine McConnell decorates her house for the holidays, she decorates her house. 

Literally. She decorates the whole thing.

Earlier this year, Christine brought Halloween to life with a “Monster House” that looked like something straight out of a Tim Burton film.

Now that Christmas is fast approaching, the spooky decor has been swapped out for peppermint candy trim and giant gingerbread man cookies. Decorating the house to this degree of detail was no small feat. After a few weeks of brainstorming, taking inspiration particularly from Clark Griswold’s Christmas efforts in National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, she jumped into the Herculean task.

It took seven full 15-hour days in what Christine told Yahoo Makers was “easily the most labor-intensive project I’ve taken on.” She called painting the candy canes with their trademark red stripes the “fun part.” But the “icing” posed a bit more of a challenge. The nylon rope icing proved difficult to actually drape over the roof; however, the struggle was well worth the effort, as we can all see from the finished product.

Halloween may take top spot as Christine’s favorite holiday, with Christmas following as a close second, but you can be sure you’ll continue to see her projects throughout the year. As an inside scoop, she shared that there is something “pretty funny” in the works for this coming Easter. Stay tuned!

As some readers may already know, Christine is also a talented baker. Yahoo Makers recently reported on her brilliant pumpkin pie fashioned after Cinderella’s carriage. She is currently working on a cookbook, which can be preordered on her website.

Follow Christine on Instagram to check out more of her amazing projects and stay up to date with her work.

For full article with pictures click here ~ also if you live in the IE so is her parents home ~

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