The Most Expensive Places to Buy a (Normal) Home in Each State

Every other state’s most expensive city falls somewhere between that million-dollar difference; most fall somewhere in between.

Coldwell Banker recently ran the numbers on almost every community in the country and found the most expensive places to buy a normal family-size home in each state. Of course, California’s many pricey cities and suburbs stuff the top of the list, but the top isn’t necessarily what you’d think. The most expensive place to own a home isn’t Beverly Hills or San Francisco; it’s Newport Beach.

That’s because when we say “home” here, we mean it a little more literally than usual: Coldwell Banker looked only at the average price of a four-bedroom, two-bathroom house, or roughly the size of a standard (if not a little large) family home. So, on the top of this list, you won’t find Los Angeles’ gargantumansion neighborhoods—too high a concentration of homes with lots of bedrooms and bathrooms—nor the million-dollar studios of Manhattan.

The intent isn’t to compare where millionaires buy their multimillion-dollar estates. Only a handful of states have any area where the median 4BR/2BA price tops six figures.

The national median list price for a house of this size is $302,632, though several states have zero cities where the median is even that high. Other states exceed that median in almost every town – in New Hampshire, for instance, only Claremont dips below the national median. Almost no place in the entire state is as cheap as any place in Nebraska or South Dakota.

Some states are just pricier than others. Roughly 90 percent of Colorado’s cities are more expensive than every city in Kansas, Arkansas, Mississippi, Oklahoma and South Dakota, where home prices are cheapest.

The most extreme example of pricey homes, though, is naturally California, where almost half of towns top half a million dollars for family-size homes.

Check out the most expensive place to buy a four-bedroom, two-bathroom home in each state:


A beach in Fairhope. (Thinkstock)

Fairhope, a city on Mobile Bay

Average listing price: $301,665


Anchorage during one of Alaska’s long nights. (Thinkstock)

Anchorage, Alaska’s largest city

Average listing price: $374,731


Downtown Scottsdale, Arizona. (Keith Evans, Flickr)

Scottsdale, a wealthy suburb of Phoenix

Average listing price: $505,391


Downtown Fayetteville. (Thinkstock)

Fayetteville, northwestern Arkansas

Average listing price: $266,348


Newport Beach harbor.

Newport Beach, outside Los Angeles in Orange County

Average listing price: $2.29 million


Boulder, Colorado from afar. (Thinkstock)

Boulder, west of Denver

Average listing price: $1.04 million


Greenwich (Connecticut) time (Doug Kerr)

Greenwich, a wealthy New York City suburb

Average listing price: $1.29 million


The University of Delaware’s campus (Ottawa80)

Newark, home of University of Delaware

Average listing price: $357,173


Golf in Doral, Florida. (Thinkstock)

Doral, a Miami suburb that takes its name from a golf and spa resort

Average listing price: $552,390


The historic Dunwoody Farmhouse, built in 1906. (Mmann1988)

Dunwoody, a northern suburb of Atlanta

Average listing price: $407,116


Honolulu, Hawaii


Average listing price: $1.13 million


A candy shop/hotel in Eagle, Idaho. (NikonFDSLR)

Eagle, an up-and-coming small city just outside Boise

Average listing price: $398,436


Winnetka is home to the quintessential wealthy suburban family home, Kevin McCallister’s in “Home Alone.” (anarchosyn)

Winnetka, the richest suburb in Illinois

Average listing price: $901,844


This four-bedroom, two-bathroom home in St. John is listed for $389,000. (Zillow)

St. John, a small community in northwestern Indiana, about 40 miles from Chicago

Average listing price: $397,004


West Des Moines. Mark Hesseltine writes on Flickr: “To look at this barn, you might think it’s on some secluded farm at the end of a gravel road. At one point, it was. Today, however, this little farmstead exists in the middle of a developed suburban area.”

West Des Moines, a suburb of Des Moines

Average listing price: $363,008


A sunrise over Prairie Village, Kansas. (Steve Revare)

Prairie Village, a suburb of Kansas City

Average listing price: $260,938


Tract housing built as Union sprawled over the past three decades. (Derek Jensen)

Union, a small town south of Cincinnati

Average listing price: $271,753


A four-bedroom, 2.5-bathroom home in Belle Chasse for $375,000. (Zillow)

Belle Chasse, New Orleans suburb on the west banks of the Mississippi

Average listing price: $347,244


Historic Kennebunkport. (Roman Boed)

Kennebunk/Kennebunkport, an oceanside vacation town

Average listing price: $517,315


Movie theater in downtown Bethesda. (dcJohn)

Bethesda, outside Washington, D.C.

Average listing price: $782,300


Harvard’s campus in Cambridge. (Thinkstock)

Cambridge, Harvard’s hometown

Average listing price: $1.11 million


The Woodward Dream Cruise in Birmingham. (Stephen K. Donnelly)

Birmingham, wealthy Detroit suburb known for shopping and cool cars

Average listing price: $563,191


Sunset over Lake Minnetonka near Orono, Minnesota. (jpellgen)

Orono, lakeside vacation homes for the uppercrust

Average listing price: $1.38 million


A four-bedroom, two-bathroom house in Terry, Mississippi for $249,000. (Zillow)

Terry, a small town southwest of Jackson, Mississippi

Average listing price: $267,259


Kirkwood, Missouri. (Matt Ridings)

Kirkwood, a suburb of St. Louis

Average listing price: $399,821


Of course, a horse, near Bozeman. (Trace Neitert)

Bozeman, dubs itself “the most livable place

Average listing price: $394,184


The Columbus Theater. (Jasperdo)

Columbus, a city in eastern Nebraska

Average listing price: $197,577


Gardnerville, Nevada. (Jasperdo

Gardnerville, a small town 30 minutes from Lake Tahoe

Average listing price: $400,090


A four-bedroom, three-bathroom house for $449,000 in Bedford, N.H. (Zillow)


Average listing price: $479,892


Main Street of Chatham, N.J. (Stephen Rees)

Chatham Township, a well-to-do suburb of New York City

Average listing price: $882,260


Sante Fe, New Mexico. (Thinkstock)

Santa Fe, the capital of New Mexico

Average listing price: $440,714


The Playland in Rye, N.Y. – instantly recognizable to fans of the movie “Big.” (George Bremer, Flickr)

Rye, a suburb of New York City

Average listing price: $859,003


An aerial view of Ocean Isle Beach. (Thinkstock)

Ocean Isle Beach, on the state’s southern coast

Average listing price: $437,361


A replica Stave Church in the Scandinavian Heritage Park. (minnotmom)

Minot, a North Dakota town where 40 percent of residents have Scandinavian backgrounds

Average listing price: $273,361


An Angry Birds float at the Independence Day parade in Upper Arlington, Ohio. (jinjian liang)

Upper Arlington, an affluent suburb west of The Ohio State University campus

Average listing price: $481,229


Street art in the old town of Edmond, Oklahoma. (Serge Melki)

Edmond, a northeast suburb of Oklahoma City

Average listing price: $243,383


The “old town” of West Linn. (Ulmanor)

West Linn, a historic suburb of Portland

Average listing price: $502,567


 New Hope’s tourist attractions. (

New Hope, a tourist town along the Delaware River between New York and Philadelphia

Average listing price: $745,518


East Greenwich Harbor, Rhode Island. (Marc Chaquotte)

East Greenwich, an affluent town near the coast

Average listing price: $479,892


A historic photo of Boone Hall Quarters in Mount Pleasant. (C.O. Greene)

Mount Pleasant, a city north of historic Charleston

Average listing price: $475,966


Ray’s in downtown Brookings, South Dakota. (Andy Perkins)

Brookings, home to South Dakota State University, on the Minnesota border

Average listing price: $237,775


Downtown Franklin during the holidays. (EAndJsFilmCrew, Flickr)

Franklin/Brentwood, affluent suburbs of Nashville

Average listing price: $382,329


Pleasure Pier in Galveston, Texas. (Katie Haugland)

Galveston/Tiki Island/Jamaica Beach, vacation spots on the Gulf Coast

Average listing price: $447,936


Holladay driving. (Edgar Zuniga Jr.)

Holladay/Cottonwood Heights, growing suburbs of Salt Lake City

Average listing price: $463,332


Charlotte, Vermont’s town hall in the fall. (redjar)

Charlotte/Shelburne, idyllic towns on Lake Champlain

Average listing price: $619,044


Reston Town Center. (Payton Chung)

Reston/Vienna, suburban Washington, D.C.

Average listing price: $641,783


Hidden homes on Mercer Island. (Thinkstock)

Mercer Island, a peaceful island for Seattle’s wealthy

Average listing price: $1.06 million


A four-bedroom, two-bathroom home in Whitefish Bay for $449,000. (Zillow)

Whitefish Bay, home to Milwaukee’s most expensive ZIP Codes

Average listing price: $440,224


Morgantown, W.V. (Darren Ringer)

Morgantown, home to West Virginia University along the Monangahela River

Average listing price: $285,517


Mint Bar in downtown Sheridan. (Bill Walsh)

Sheridan, a cowboy town beside the Bighorn Mountains

Average listing price: $295,360

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