This isn’t your momma’s kitchen

From Yahoo Makers

Buh-Bye, All-White Kitchens! This

Dark, Badass Design Trend Is on

the Rise

Kelly Phillips Badal
‎October‎ ‎27‎, ‎2015

Kitchens are going over to the dark side.

Even though mega-paint company Benjamin Moore just announced that its 2016 color is “Simply White” (The Huffington Post scoffed at this, stating that the company has “completely given up on picking out a color”), sorry, we’re so over that vanilla hue — in the kitchen, at least.

Sophisticated, bold, badass black is where it’s at. It’s the new neutral (seriously!).

Even if such an inky shade scares you, there are a ton of reasons why you should give this “kitchen noir” style a shot. For example, the white kitchen can read bright yet sterile; black, in marked contrast, makes a kitchen exciting. White kitchens are a dime a dozen, such a go-to choice that they’re forgettable. Boldly go black in your kitchen and it’ll look like you’ve paid your life savings to a ritzy designer — even if you haven’t. A deep color can makes a small kitchen look amazing and, in a large, open kitchen, can help ground the space. Plus, black is simply an unbelievably chic color: There’s a reason the fashionista catchphrase “Black is the new black” is heard every season. It looks fantastic against trendy copper, gold, or brushed-steel appliances, and it makes the room where everyone loves to hang out ultrahip.

Dark cabinetry, tile, walls, appliances, and accessories are all growing in popularity, so even if you start with KitchenAid’s glossy black mixer, there’s an easy way to get into this trend, even if you start small.

This isn’t your mother’s kitchen. And that’s a very, very good thing.

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