5 Hacks for Creating Antique-Looking Furniture With Cheap Household Items

From Yahoo Makers

5 Hacks for Creating Antique-

Looking Furniture With Cheap

 Household Items

‎October‎ ‎26‎, ‎2015

It’s popular to have the newest iPhone, but when it comes to your furniture, old is in. No heavy chemicals or special skills necessary — you likely have everything you need to get in on the vintage trend, right in your own home.

Seriously, these magical (aka, scientific) weathering techniques make use of items like salt, vinegar, tea, petroleum jelly and more to age your stuff. Got those things at hand? Great! Let’s get started.

Remember, though there are hundreds of popular sites online specializing in selling antique furniture, those extra years will cost you extra bucks. Even just a small, plain (vintage) wooden crate can run you $20 on Krrb!

Much as we love investing in heirlooms and antiques, we Makers reserve the right to cheat a little.

After you’ve DIY’d your own little slice of history, all you’ll have left to do is DIY a good back story.

Check out all the tips here

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