All 50 States and DC Ranked

Ranked: All 50 states and DC,

from the weirdest to the most


From Business Insider 10/6/15

The US is a huge, diverse country, and the characteristics of the states that make it up vary widely.

We used 40 demographic, social, and economic indicators that cover several aspects of American life, mostly from the US Census Bureau’s recently released “2014 American Community Survey” estimates.

We looked at how far away each state was from the average of each of those metrics among the states and Washington, DC. Putting those distances together, we figured out how “weird” or “normal” each state was. See our method and sources here.

Here’s all 50 states and DC, ranked from weirdest to most normal, along with some of the metrics that made them outliers or average.

For all the article click here (btw CA is #48 for those that just want to skip ahead)

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