Turf Rebates

From PE.com 9/22/15

RIVERSIDE: More turf rebates


City puts another $1.5 million into popular program that has already doled out $5 million.

Riverside is offering more money to homeowners who want to replace their grass with something that uses less water.

The city has already given about $5 million to business and residential water customers to get rid of turf and put in drought-tolerant landscaping. About $4 million of that came from the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California, which presented a check to reimburse the city on Tuesday, Sept. 22.

Also Tuesday, Riverside City Council members voted to put $1.5 million into the turf removal rebate program, which ran out of money in May. The money will come from water fund reserves.

About $800,000 will go to homeowners, $300,000 will be available to businesses, and the remainder will be used to create projects that demonstrate water-saving landscaping.

Landscaping accounts for the majority of residential water use. The city is striving to meet a state-mandated 28 percent cut in water use citywide. Information on the turf rebate program is at riversidedrought.com

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