At Home Movie Room? Yes

If You Love Going To Movies, What This Man Builds Is Perfect For You – At Home

From ViralNova 8/15/15

There’s no denying it: going to the movies is an experience. Whether you take your shows with over-buttered popcorn or some Sour Patch Kids, there’s something so exciting about seeing a show on the big screen. But there’s also no way to ignore the ever-increasing prices — $12 to see that Meryl Streep flick??!

That’s where The Torii Cinema Co. comes in. Last year we introduced you to Torii Gardens and their cool hobbit creations, but they’ve taken their skills to the next level with this endeavor. If you’re tired of shelling out for the silver screen experience, you’re going to want to see this…

It all starts with a plan…

Ashley Yeates, founder and builder for Torii Cinemas, built the framework.

Walls were installed…

Along with rafters in the ceiling.

Some lighting was also added.

Shingles and a porch made this little shack fit right into the cute backyard.

And voilà…looks like an adorable garden shack or guest house, right?

But one step inside…

And you’re in a state-of-the-art home theater.

That lighting before was those awesome ceiling twinkle lights!

Plush velvet seats add a traditional touch…

And no theater experience would be complete without candy!

So, what’s playing? Whatever. You. Want.

Imagine showing your friends your backyard — the second they’d walk inside your home theater, they’d never want to leave!

If you’re interested in getting one of these bad boys in your yard, visit The Torii Cinema Co. here!

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