Master the “Unclutter”

4 Things People With Perfectly

 Uncluttered Cabinets Do

4 Things People With Perfectly Uncluttered Cabinets Do

You know the types. You grab a peek inside their cabinets as they’re fishing a glass out for you and you don’t see precarious stacks of plates just waiting to fall, too many coffee mugs to count or a jumble of canned vegetables and bags of chips. You see clean, uncluttered cabinets that could totally be door-less, they’re so sleek and organized. This type of kitchen cabinet organizers have secrets to keeping them that way; we’re sharing four today.

Having cabinet interiors you’re not afraid of showing off isn’t the object (though not a bad side effect); it’s about making sure this small storage is its most efficient so your space is its most functional. And because these spots have doors on them — ways of shutting out the mess — they can sometimes be put on the back burner of the organization list (and occasionally get messier than intended). These four simple but effective tips should help:

Don’t over stuff them

Easier said than done, right? Especially if you have few precious cabinets in a small kitchen or bathroom. But — and we bet you know what’s coming — do you really need all those things? Pare down your supplies to the real essentials (not the stuff you hope you’ll use one day) and put those in the most accessible cabinet spots.

Put things where you need it

Sometimes we organize our kitchens and other cabinet spaces as soon as we move in, before we’ve actually used the space all that much. That original laying out of things inside of cabinets can work out, but sometimes it needs to be evaluated. Having to reach into a weird spot to find something you use daily or not wanting to walk across the room to put something back in its spot means you might find yourself stuffing items into whatever spot is closest, creating unsightly stacks and messes. Giving your cabinets occasional function makeovers will help let the space evolve as you live in the room.

Maximize all space

Even though we mention above not over stuffing your cabinets, it doesn’t mean you should squander opportunities to make smart storage tool choices that not only make more room in your existing cabinets, but make the storage space you do have function more smoothly. So embrace shelf risers, behind the door hooks and whatever tools make sense for your space.

Use the outside

Folks with sleek cabinets inside also understand the power of the outside of their cabinets, harnessing that space for stylish display and storage in a way that adds to the function and feel of the room. Hooks underneath cabinets, baskets on top, storage screwed into the sides, open shelving installing beside closed…don’t just think of your cabinets from the inside. Consider their exterior real estate as well to take some of the pressure of the inside.

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