How to Avoid Making These 5 Common New Homeowner Mistakes

How to Avoid Making These 5 Common New Homeowner Mistakes

Are you a first time homeowner? Yay you! Congrats. Now, here’s how to prevent some common pitfalls so you can keep your home just as kickass amazing as it feels right now (or even better!). Don’t make these mistakes!

Mistake #1: Sticking with the current layout

Just because you saw certain rooms as bedroom and other rooms as offices when you toured the house, doesn’t mean you have to keep the same layout that the old owners chose. Some stuff like a kitchen and master bedroom may be set in stone, but most other spaces can swap out pretty seamlessly. It can give you great flexibility if you want to have an office with a lot of light or need your kids to have bedrooms next door to each other.

Mistake #2: Getting scared to take a risk

This is your home now! The one you used to dream about when you weren’t able to paint your rental. The one you wished for when you wanted to put in a white floor. This is your chance to make it everything you’ve always wanted (and the chance to see your work pay off when you enjoy it for years to come). You don’t need to play it safe anymore. If you really want something, go for it.

Mistake #3: Rushing your decor

You’re gonna live here longterm so you can take your sweet time to get your decor done. Even if you have to exist for a while without certain things (while you find the perfect version), it will be worth it when you wind up with a layered, personal home filled with the right pieces, not just the first things you found.

Mistake #4: Only decorating inside your home

Half the fun of having a house is the outside space! If you’re spending a lot of time getting your inside just right, consider that springtime is the perfect time to get your outside in order, too. It’ll be time for summer BBQs and backyard croquet matches before you know it so put some effort into the outside and make the time you spend there that much more fun.

Mistake #5: Ignoring small problems

Now the downside: you no longer have a super or handyman to fix issues that come up chez toi. Little problems quickly become big problems if left unattended. Don’t let that happen to you! Fix issues that come up when they’re still small (and inexpensive). It’s worth the weekend time or hiring-a-handyman fee to protect your new purchase.

Tell us homeowners, what mistakes did you make that we can all take a lesson from?

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