The Difference between Market Value, Appraised Value and Taxed Value

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North Texas Lake-Front Homes

Home Value.  The thought and understanding behind what makes up a home’s value confuses many-especially with so many different terms that seem to relatively have the same (but different!) meaning.  Some months back, I had a client’s home listed (and under contract) as well as this client’s “next” home under contract.  I get a frantic call at a certain point in the transaction because she got her “appraisal” back and it wasn’t nearly high enough to net the amount that was needed to put down on her next home.  She sounded hopeless, thinking this entire domino affect was ruined.  At this point, I was concerned until she mentioned she received the report in the mail.  At this point, I knew it was the tax-appraisal she had received and NOT the home-appraisal.  I smile, then begin explaining the differences between the two appraisals.  Sometimes even very…

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Home buying gets easier as down payments dip

From The Fscal Times 6/5/15   One hurdle to first-time homebuyers is starting to get a little lower: The average down payment for a home fell to less than 15 percent in the first quarter of 2015 to its lowest level since early 2012. The average down payment for the quarter was $57,710, according to … Continue reading Home buying gets easier as down payments dip

Half the Country Lives in These Counties

~Very interesting if you look at the map and consider how many counties there are in our great country. Per the original article on Business Insider there are 3000 counties in the US and only 146 house half of the inhabitants~ From Mental Floss Walter Hickey and Joe Weisenthal of Business Insider used Census data … Continue reading Half the Country Lives in These Counties

Lock in your mortgage rate

Lock it in: How (and when) to secure a low mortgage rate From 6/9/15 Mortgage rates have been trending upward in recent weeks, so if you're starting the process of buying a home, now might be a good time to lock in your rate. Deciding when to lock isn't just about market conditions, because … Continue reading Lock in your mortgage rate

California Affordable Housing in Supreme Court

Read what the California Supreme Court is considering Developers can be required to include affordable housing,  California high court rules

Garage Transformation Ideas

What do you think of these ideas from Yahoo Makers? I like a couple myself, especially the office.

Don’t Overlook These Mortgage Costs

The Major Mortgage Cost Most Homebuyers Overlook From 6/9/15 When it comes to getting or refinancing a mortgage, little things can turn into big bucks quickly. For example, small differences in interest rates can mean thousands (even tens of thousands) of dollars in additional interest charges over the life of the loan. Or, a … Continue reading Don’t Overlook These Mortgage Costs

How much you need to make per hour to afford a rental in the U.S.

From YahooFinance 5/29/15 Rising rents and stubborn stagnant wages do not a winning combination make — especially for American families feeling squeezed by the cost of keeping a roof over their heads. In its annual “Out of Reach” report, the National Low-Income Housing Coalition has broken down exactly how many hours a household would need … Continue reading How much you need to make per hour to afford a rental in the U.S.

How to Reduce Your Housing Costs in Retirement

From US News 6/8/15 Housing is likely to be your biggest retirement expense. But there are a variety of ways to pay less for housing in retirement. Here's what you can do to bring down your housing costs after you retire. Pay off your mortgage. Paying off your house eliminates one of your biggest monthly … Continue reading How to Reduce Your Housing Costs in Retirement

How to Avoid Making These 5 Common New Homeowner Mistakes

From Apartment Therapy 6/6/15 Are you a first time homeowner? Yay you! Congrats. Now, here’s how to prevent some common pitfalls so you can keep your home just as kickass amazing as it feels right now (or even better!). Don’t make these mistakes! Mistake #1: Sticking with the current layout Just because you saw certain … Continue reading How to Avoid Making These 5 Common New Homeowner Mistakes