Easier Tenant Screening for Landlords

Cloud-Based Tenant Screening

Platform Houserie Launches

Android Application for Property

Managers and Landlords

Instant Tenant Screening with Criminal Background Check, Credit Score, Eviction Record, and Other Data so Landlords can make Informed Decisions

SAN FRANCISCO, Sept. 30, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — RentalRoost Inc., a technology firm focused on simplifying the house hunting and tenant screening processes, recently launched an Android platform app for Houserie (www.houserie.com), the company’s tenant screening platform for landlords and property managers.

The Houserie app for Android devices joins the company’s iOS app to provide benefits to both sides of the tenant/landlord relationship. It offers tenants an easy to use and secure cloud-based system that produces background information instantly, so they can know immediately if a landlord will accept or deny them as a tenant.

By using Houserie, property managers can also remove the paper trail of tenant applications, which typically hold valuable personal information. Managers no longer need to worry about document storage protocols or electronic data protection, as they can rely on Houserie to keep tenant information encrypted and safe. They can also pull reports from both the Houserie website and the app, as the data entered through both channels is synced in the cloud.

“We added the Android app to the iOS Houserie app to greatly expand the reach of our technology to thousands of property managers and landlords,” said Nitin Shingate, CEO and one of the co-founders of RentalRoost, Inc. “Houserie provides users with a lightweight app combined with a clean and simple-to-use UI, so they can quickly process tenants and make fast and informed decisions. It also has the advantages of a cloud-based process where the managers no longer need to worry about keeping private data, and they can easily access reporting.”

The Houserie app is a “pay-as-you-go” model with no monthly subscription fees. Pricing options for screening packages include the $29.99 Ultimate report, which features a SSN# trace, national criminal and sex offender search, eviction search, and tenant credit scorecard. The scorecard includes detailed information beyond typical credit score data including income-to-debt ratios and income-to-rent, which provides managers with information about the tenant’s likely ability to afford certain rent levels. The Premium option for $24.99 removes the tenant scorecard, and the Basic $19.99 option removes the national eviction search.

For more information about the Houserie app, visit www.houserie.com.


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