8 DIY Ways to Sell Your Home for More

8 DIY Ways to Sell Your Home for More

1. Modernize your house numbers.
Don’t stick with those standard-issue digits. Here, more modern-style numbers play against a brick wall, and give a more traditional entry a bit more style. Find out how on Go Haus Go. Courtesy Go Haus Go

2. Or make them personal.
Plain numbers not your thing? So go bright and colorful, like this DIY monogram from Craft Cuts. Spray-painted numbers and a chevron background come together for a totally unique porch-ready accent. Find out how at Craft Cuts. Courtesy Craft Cuts

3. Build a tulip planter.
Even if you don’t have room for a full garden, you can still cash in on the curb appeal benefits of flowers. This super-simple stone-effect tulip planter is actually made from a wooden CD rack transformed with textured spray paint. Read the full instructions at Claireabelle Makes. Courtesy Claireabelle Makes

4. Light your walkway.
Well-lit walkways create ambiance, and provide a safety and security boost come dark. These glowing orbs from The Art of Doing Stuff not only give off more light, but also look super cool. Added bonus: They’re easy to make. Get the instructions on The Art of Doing Stuff. Courtesy The Art of Doing Stuff

5. Add window boxes.
A classic option, sure, but always a solid bet. These darkly stained containers play nicely against a pop of colorful flowers. Get the how-to at Kruse’s Workshop. Courtesy Kruses Workshop

6. Install a slate walkway.
Classic sidewalks are a snooze. Slate makes for an attractive alternative to concrete and creates a fun, textured pattern headed towards your door. Read the instructions at Young House Love. Courtesy Young House Love

7. Build a privacy trellis.
Feel like you’re practically on top of your neighborhood? A trellis on your front porch can create a sense of privacy and individuality — not to mention an excellent space to grow flowering vines. Follow the directions at Chez Larsson. Courtesy Chez Larsson

8. And don’t forget your doormat.
Greet your guests in style, like with this colorful, polka-dotted doormat from The Crafted Life. It’s a small project that can really cheer up an entry. Courtesy The Crafted Life

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