Amazing Painted Floors

Walk on the Wild Side: 6 Amazing

Painted Floors

From Bob Villa 2/22/15

Why replace your floors when you can paint them? Whether they’re wood, concrete, or linoleum your floors are a good candidates for a paint makeover. If you’re taking on this project, keep a few things in mind before you start. First, consider color: While a light color on a floor may brighten up a dark space, if it’s in a high traffic area, it will show dirt more easily. Pattern is another important decision. It’s faster and easier to apply one all-over floor color, but a repeating pattern or central painted design can be striking and dynamic.

1. Squared Away

Walk on the Wild Side: 6 Amazing Painted FloorsPhoto:

The painted floor of this bright and airy bedroom is a delightful surprise, bringing a burst of color. The strip hardwood was first painted a solid apple green and then topped with bold white squares.


2. Painted Exterior Rug


A rug can make an outdoor space feel more like a room. Like this gorgeous painted rug, which warms up a gray wooden deck with a stenciled pattern in red, gold, and blue. To replicate your own, pick up a stencil pattern at your local hardware store.


3. Splattered and Splendid


If you want one-of-a-kind textured floors, a paint-splattered floor could be your answer. Select a pleasing base color for your floor, then grab a can of a complementary color and a bag of plastic forks from the dollar store. Dip the fork tines in the paint, then simply flick them across the floor in random patterns. Beautiful!


4. No-Slip Runner


Bet you looked twice at this painted floor runner! It almost looks like a carpeted stair runner but requires almost no maintenance and costs a fraction. Plus, a fresh coat of paint does wonders to camouflage the wear and tear on the middle of each step.


5. Colorful Camouflage 


The owners of this home camouflaged beat-up wooden floors with a delightful pattern of unevenly placed squares, which mimic a entryway hall runner.


6. Don’t Forget the Basement!


If you’re unhappy with an unsightly concrete floor, paint it! Faux-finished to look like multi-hued tile, this floor was meticulously taped, painted, then “grouted” with white paint.

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