Riverside Schools on Top

Check out these links about our great Schools in Riverside

RUSD Embraces Google First CS Program (Empowering all students to create with technology through free Computer Science clubs. CS First provides free, easy-to use computer science (CS) enrichment material that target and engage a diverse student population)

Notre Dame High School Recognized by the College Board (Advanced Placement Honor Roll School)

Ramona High School AVID Named one of the Best in the Nation (Advancement Via Individual Determination)

Bolstering the Student/Teacher Experience with a New Approach to Education

SISTERS program – Success in Science and Technology: Engagement with Role Models at University Heights Middle School

RIVERSIDE: New Encore charter school mixes academics, arts

RIVERSIDE: Science alliance planned to boost students

RIVERSIDE: Science school could see changes Twelfth-graders could be added, while high school and other students could be separated.

RUSD Joins Forces with Girls Who Code Riverside’s initiative to promote and encourage STEM education is a model of Seizing Our Destiny’s intelligent growth pillar

New App Connects Students and Tutors Scholarly  Scholarly is an on-demand tutoring service that connects students with nearby tutors. The service is simple: tutors create profiles, which can be viewed by students looking for help in a particular subject. Users can view tutor profiles, set meeting locations, and get help with their studies at the click of a button. Most of the app’s current activity is generated by the UCR community, but the creators plan to grow their tutor network and expand the service to K-12 students and their parents in the coming months.

EDUCATION: Graduation Rates on the rise – Since 2010, Riverside County’s rate has inched up from 77.7 percent to 87.4 percent. Meanwhile, the number of students who dropped out during that period has dipped from 15.1 percent to 7.7 percent.

The above programs will filter and feed into these great programs at the University Level

Riverside’s Ramona High makes house calls to applaud students in tough courses – “The faculty and staff at Riverside’s Ramona High School were delivering lawn signs to applaud youths for taking Advanced Placement classes, most of them for the first time.” “Some people were saying, ‘What are you doing?’” Krause said. “I said, ‘We’re here to tell you how great your kid is.’ They said, ‘My kid?’ They thanked us. It was a feel-good moment.”

Riverside’s Notre Dame High marks 60 years of Catholic education – Reasons behind the academic success include strong parent involvement and a small campus where teachers and administrators know every teen, along with shared values that unite them all, he said. Students also wear uniforms that play off the school colors of green and gold.

Why Riverside middle schools are teaching Advanced Placement high school courses -The Advanced Placement program in Spanish gives students a chance at earning college course credit early.

Riverside’s California School for the Deaf wins academic bowl –  California School for the Deaf in Riverside won the West Regional Academic Bowl Feb. 19 in Riverside. The students bested teams from 20 deaf and mainstream schools from around the western United States.

Check out these links about the Universities this City has to offer

UC Riverside Receives $4.5 Million Nasa Grant The grant will provide funding for a five-year research project called “Fellowships and Internships in Extremely Large Data Sets” (FIELDS), which aims to develop research and education opportunities in big data and visualization, according to information from the university.

UC Riverside Accepted As Yellow Ribbon Campus How does it work? The Post-9/11 GI Bill pays 100 percent of in-state tuition and fees for fully-eligible veterans attending public colleges and universities. But, non-resident supplemental tuition is not covered. Veterans and their families who have residency in other states are then forced to pay those fees out of their own pocket, at least until they have established residency.

CBU Again Receives National Ranking For Online Programs For Veterans California Baptist University’s online programs have earned the No. 20 spot in the 2015 Best Online Bachelor’s Degree Programs for Veterans rankings by U.S. News & World Report. CBU was also ranked in the top 100 nationwide for their Online Graduate Education and Online MBA Programs for Veterans.

RIVERSIDE: UC Riverside ranked No. 2 for third year For the third year in a row, UC Riverside has been named the second best university in the United States by Washington Monthly.

White House Recognizes UC Riverside as a Bright Spot in Hispanic Education

U.S. News Ranks La Sierra Among Best Regional Universities

CBU Named In Three “Best Colleges” Rankings For 2016 from US News

RIVERSIDE: Cal Baptist scores $10 million gift – The donation – the university’s largest – will help fund construction of the Gordon and Jill Bourns College of Engineering.

CBU leading team to enhance science teaching – The grant is made available by the California Mathematics and Science Partnership grant program and is administered by the science, technology, engineering and mathematics office at the CDE.

RCC School of Nursing Secures Two Song-Brown Grants – For the second consecutive year, Riverside City College’s School of Nursing has received Song-Brown grants totaling $325,000.  RCC received $200,000 from the RN Capitation Award and $125,000 from the RN Special Program Award. The $200,000 RN Capitation Award was the second-largest award presented to a college in the state. Meanwhile the College was one of six schools to receive $125,000, the largest amount awarded, from the RN Special Program Award for a Virtual Clinical Simulation (VCS) program.

RCCD COLLEGES EARN BASIC SKILLS AND STUDENT OUTCOME TRANSFORMATION GRANTS – The Basic Skills and Student Outcomes Transformation Program provides Proposition 98 funds to implement or expand evidence-based innovations and redesign in the areas of assessment, student services and instruction in order to improve progression from remedial education to college level instruction.

UC Riverside ranks among nation’s best in promoting African American student success, study finds – UC Riverside ranks among the nation’s best universities in promoting African American student success, a new study has found.

The University of California campus of 23,000 students was singled out as one of the top 18 universities for African Americans among 676 public and private nonprofit institutions examined in the study by the Education Trust, a Washington-based education policy organization.

Moreno Valley & Norco Colleges Cited for Excellence By State – Moreno Valley and Norco colleges had a Career & Technical Education program cited for excellence by the Workforce and Economic Development Division at the California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office.

UC Riverside ranks among nation’s best in promoting African American student success, study finds

Norco College: Support for New Veterans Resources Center is Underway – The $2 million dollar proposal to fund a new Veterans Resource Center at Norco College, led by Assemblymember Sabrina Cervantes (D-Corona), was signed by the governor on Tuesday as part of the $125 billion state budget.

*post was updated 4/1/15 to add STEM program

*post was updated 5/6/15 to add SISTERS program

*post was updated 5/29/15 to add UC Riverside Grant

*post was updated 6/10/15 to add UC Riverside Yellow Ribbon and Cal Baptist University Veterans Programs ranking

*post was updated 8/25/15 to add UC Riverside Ranked No. 2 for third year

*post was updated 9/14/15 to include Encore charter school and Science alliance between RCC, UCR and JW North High School

*post was updated 9/15/15 to include UCR recognition from White House as Bright Spot in Hispanic Education

*post was updated 9/16/15 to include La Sierra and CBU US News rankings

*post was updated 11/25/15 to include information on STEM adding 12th grade students

*post was updated 1/12/16 to include donation given to Cal Baptist Engineering program

*post was updated 3/1/16 to include CBU leading team to enhance science teaching

*post was updated 3/2/16 to include RUSD Joins Forces with Girls Who Code

*post was updated 3/23/16 to include Scholarly app and The RCC School of Nursing Grants

*post was updated 5/26/16 to include RCCD outcome and transformation grant award and Higher High School Graduation Rates

*post was updated 10/17/16 to include Ramona High Makes House Calls

*post was updated 10/31/16 to include Riverside’s Notre Dame High marks 60 years of Catholic education

*post was updated 12/27/16 to include Middle Schools teaching Advanced Placement

*post was updated 2/24/17 to include California School for the Deaf wins academic bowl

*post updated 3/2/17 to include UCR ranks among nation’s best in promoting African American student success

*post updated 5/31/17 to include Moreno Valley & Norco Colleges cited for excellence

*post updated 6/13/17 to include Inland schools, company team up for free online tutoring

*post updated 7/5/17 to include Norco College Veterans Resource Center

*post updated 1/24/18 to include Material developed at UC Riverside creates fuel cell catalysts

*post updated 5/3/18 to include RCC 14 Career and Technical Program Awards

*post updated 7/10/18 to include UCR Receives $400,000 To Support Women In High-Tech Fields

*post updated 7/18/18 to include Norco College Named a “2018 Great College to Work For”

*post updated 9/5/18 to include CBU fastest growth ranking

*post updated 5/9/19 to include UCR Forbes Value College ranking – STEM Blue Ribbon Designation

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