5% Mortgage Rates Still a Ways Off

Why 5% Mortgage Rates Are Still a Ways Off From Credit.com 1/29/15 Whether you like it or not, mortgage interest rates are a big driver of the housing market. We've been spoiled with ultra-low rates the past few years, with many experts predicting that 2014 would be the year of 5% rates. They were wrong. … Continue reading 5% Mortgage Rates Still a Ways Off

Don’t Make These 5 Home Insurance Decisions on Your Own

5 Home Insurance Decisions It's Risky to Make on Your Own From HomeInsurance.com 1/27/15 Who doesn’t feel pride in clearing a clogged sink, changing an element in an oven or replacing a deadbolt lock without calling a handyman? There’s no question that a successful do-it-yourself project can save you time and money — in addition to … Continue reading Don’t Make These 5 Home Insurance Decisions on Your Own

DIY mistakes to avoid

Uh Oh... Costly DIY Mistakes You Really Want to Avoid Kyle Stewart‎January‎ ‎24‎, ‎2015 (source: http://www.domesticcleaningtips.co.uk/are-you-making-these-costly-diy-mistakes/) We’ve all been there.  Since the dawn of home renovation TV, we’ve come to consider ourselves DIY experts.  With designers showing us how to repaint, rewire, remodel, and revamp a room in 48 hours, what could go wrong? Well…lots.  Consider the time … Continue reading DIY mistakes to avoid

Refinance your house now!

Missed out on refi boom? You may be in luck From MainSt 1/23/15 The housing crash put a lot of homeownership dreams on hold. Lending went from paperless applications and mindless approvals to stringent restrictions, pristine credit requirements and creeping rates. Not only was buying a home growing out of reach for first-timers, but refinancing … Continue reading Refinance your house now!

Contractor no-nos

8 Things Never to Say to a Contractor From Yahoo Makers 1/23/15 (Photo courtesy Glamour Drops/Instagram) Even the most crafty DIYer can’t do everything his or herself. But when it’s time to call in the pros, do yourself a favor and think carefully before you speak. Even a seemingly innocuous comment can rub contractors the … Continue reading Contractor no-nos

Want to by a house and have bad credit? Read this

Top mortgage sources if you have bad credit From Investopedia 1/22/15 Looking to buy a home, but your credit isn’t as good as you would like? That’s going to make getting a mortgage a tough task, but it doesn’t mean you’re completely out of luck.Before you have a reasonable chance of being approved for a … Continue reading Want to by a house and have bad credit? Read this

Riverside Ranks 5th for Empty Nesters

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House Hunting Mistakes

Top 8 House-Hunting Mistakes  From Investopedia.com Buying a home is a very emotional process, and allowing those emotions to get the best of you can cause you to make any number of mistakes. Since buying a home has many far-reaching implications, from where you will live to how hard it will be to make ends … Continue reading House Hunting Mistakes

Don’t forget these items in your budget

12 commonly overlooked expenses that are ruining your budget From MoneyTalksNews 1/14/15 ~Whether you are budgeting to save for a house or just for everyday life don't forget these in your budget~   Drafting a picture-perfect budget is only half the battle if you want to keep your spending in check. Following the rules is … Continue reading Don’t forget these items in your budget

How to get down payment help on your first home

From YahooHomes.com 1/16/15 For many first-timers, the biggest obstacle to home ownership is the required down payment. That's why down payment assistance programs were created. Consider that a family trying to buy a $200,000 house (which is pretty modest in many locations) will probably need three percent to 20 percent down. That's $6,000 to $40,000 plus closing costs. … Continue reading How to get down payment help on your first home