50 ways to improve your finances in 2015 – Pt 5

~Here are 41-50 hope these tips find you well~

From USNews 12/11/14

41. Insure yourself.

Most young adults lack renters insurance, and even many older Americans are underinsured when it comes to protecting their homes and properties. Renters and home insurance can be lifesavers in the case of weather disasters, theft and other unexpected events.

42. Make sure you’re ready for baby.

Children cost their parents close to a quarter of a million dollars before age 18, and that figure excludes college tuition. Soon-to-be parents can prepare for some of those costs by saving up in advance, skipping unnecessary nursery purchases and looking for creative child care solutions that allow them to blend work and family.

43. Buy life insurance.

No one likes discussing death, but once you’re responsible for children or other dependents, taking out life insurance (as well as writing a will), becomes necessary. Young, healthy adults can usually find affordable term policies with little trouble; a $1 million policy for a healthy 30-year-old might cost around $800 a year.

44. Use fewer products.

Cutting back on pricey cleaning products as well as personal care products such as perfumes and lotions can keep your money in the bank while also benefiting the environment. If you’re crafty, you might even consider making your own body scrubs and lotions with do-it-yourself recipes online.

45. Cancel catalog subscriptions.

Not only do catalogs tempt us into buying things we don’t need, but they also use up a lot of paper, much of which goes straight into the trash (or recycling bin). Tell retailers you no longer want to receive their mail, or use a website like 41pounds.org to do the job for you.

46. Make your toilet more efficient.

Dropping a soda bottle filled with water or sand into the back of your toilet can automatically transform it into a low-flow commode. You’ll lower your water bill while also feeling good about using less water each month.

47. Give companies public feedback.

As consumers increasingly turn to blogging and social media to lodge complaints, companies are paying attention. If you’ve tried going through traditional customer service routes to no avail, consider using your online voice on Twitter or Facebook to get the company’s attention.

48. Unplug devices.

Many electronic devices, such as cable boxes and television sets, suck power even when they’re turned off. To reduce your electricity bill, unplug them or consider using a smart power strip that automatically cuts power when devices aren’t in use.

49. Create a giving circle.

If you want to donate to charity, but feel like your budget is too small to make a difference, a giving circle might be for you. Similar to a book club, it involves a group of friends getting together to jointly donate to a single charity, and often volunteer their time together as well.

50. Consider nonfinancial donations, too.

Giving away used clothes, toys, DVDs or even blood can be as useful to charities as cash donations. You can also use the opportunity to clear clutter out of your home.

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