Just When You Think We Can’t Get Any Cooler: Riverside Named “Coolest California City”

From Riverside Office of Economic Development

The City of Riverside was named the state’s Coolest California City Thursday October 23, 2014 by the California Air Resources Board in recognition of Riverside’s efforts to reduce carbon emissions during the past six months through the CoolCalifornia City Challenge. The CoolCalifornia City Challenge is a competition between California cities to motivate and reward residents for reducing their carbon footprints and helping to build more vibrant communities. The Challenge serves as a platform to actively engage diverse populations of residents under a shared goal of lowering consumption of energy and emissions of greenhouse gases. Riverside battled 9 other cities for most of the summer before emerging victorious at the Air Resources Board meeting on October 23rd in Diamond Bar, where awards were presented. “It’s been a very cool last few months for Riverside,” Mayor Rusty Bailey said. “First, we were named one of the coolest cities in the country by Forbes and now we’re the Coolest California City. I know I can speak for all Riversiders when I say that we’re cool with that.” Riverside will receive a total of $32,950 in prize money and use that money to further efforts in “going green.” Claremont and Rancho Cucamonga were named Cool California Cities for finishing second and third, respectively. Participants logged their monthly energy data and motor vehicle miles onto an online website that determined how much carbon was being cut and calculated how many points those actions generated for each household and municipality. All cities received a portion of $100,000 in prize money based on the number of households that signed up by May 30, and how many points they earned at the close of the contest on Sept. 29. Funding was provided by Energy Upgrade California™, a statewide initiative to educate Californians about how to manage energy in their homes and businesses.

cool california

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