Appraisal Tips

From Free Resources for CA Real Estate Agents 8/18/14 Appraisal Tips! Carbon Monoxide, Smoke Detectors, Water Straps, A couple of issues we have seen on appraisals recently, is that carbon monoxide and smoke detectors were not installed in the property, appraisers have also been calling out water heaters too, here is what they advise….”Water heaters … Continue reading Appraisal Tips


From Ray Patchett Ticor Title Blog 8/13/14 Important Easements When it comes to property – we should always be concerned about encroachments; whether the seller’s use of 5 square feet of the neighbor’s property is a problem? Can we expect that the neighbor will continue to permit it? It is in fact a problem, and … Continue reading Easements

Down Payment Options

From Equifax 8/4/14 How Can I Afford a Down Payment on a House? Down payments have always been the greatest barrier to first time homebuyers—and, unfortunately, they still are. For a brief period ten years ago, lenders marketed mortgages with no money down, which made it possible for buyers to circumvent the down payment requirements … Continue reading Down Payment Options

Don’t be oeverwhelmed by home loan process

This is the worst thing about getting a mortgage What to do if you’re overwhelmed by the home-loan process From MarketWatch 7/21/14 Prospective home buyers are confident that they’ll be able to find an affordable mortgage to make their purchase. Still, they’re thoroughly overwhelmed by the amount of information they have to wade through when … Continue reading Don’t be oeverwhelmed by home loan process

5 things sellers need to know before listing

The right renovations and incentives can sweeten the deal From Aug 6, 2014 In the hot summer months, when home inventory is low and demand is soaring, your sellers may think that their home will move in mere minutes — and at a price that defies even the loftiest expectations. Let’s face it: These … Continue reading 5 things sellers need to know before listing

Watch Your HELOCs

Significant Amount HELOC Balances May Be at a High Risk of Default From 8/11/14 A recently released study by TransUnion Corp. reported that approximately $50 billion to $79 billion in outstanding Home Equity Lines of Credit (HELOC) balances reported at the end of 2013 could be at a high risk of default in the … Continue reading Watch Your HELOCs

Homeownership could get easier

Moving from renting to homeownership could get easier From Housingwire 8/6/14 Study shows benefits of adding renting into FICO scores Adding in rental history to a credit score could make all the difference for potential homeowners, according to an article in Businessweek. Experian published an analysis on almost 20,000 people in government-subsidized housing who pay … Continue reading Homeownership could get easier

Four reasons to buy a home now

Thinking of buying a home? Keep reading to find out why you should take action sooner rather than later. From Yahoo Homes 8/6/14 If you're thinking about purchasing a home, sooner might be better than later when it comes to favorable conditions for buyers. Buying a home is a major financial decision that you shouldn't … Continue reading Four reasons to buy a home now

The New Landlords

Underwater homeowners are turning into landlords From CNBC 8/6/14 One of the biggest barriers to a robust recovery in the housing market is a lack of supply. There are simply not enough homes listed for sale to meet the demand—and part of that is because a growing number of home buyers are not selling their … Continue reading The New Landlords

Avoid these 5 Credit Moves

5 credit moves that could wreck your mortgage From 8/6/14 While credit standards have somewhat loosened up in home lending, make no mistake, getting a mortgage these days still requires scrutinizing your complete financial picture -- especially your debts and your current credit standing. Here are the five most common credit mistakes that could … Continue reading Avoid these 5 Credit Moves