Homebuying Within Reach of Middle Class

From Trulia.com 5/13/14 ~I know this is a lot of information but it is very interesting~ Where Buying a Home is Within Reach of the Middle Class More than four out of five homes for sale in Detroit and Cleveland are within reach of the middle class, compared with one out of four in New … Continue reading Homebuying Within Reach of Middle Class

Save Up For Your Down Payment in One Year

Think saving up for a down payment will take forever? Here's how one couple did it. From Yahoo 5/16/14 How to save up for a down payment in just one year When Donna Watkins remarried in 2003, she and her husband didn't have any money saved up, but new that they wanted to buy a … Continue reading Save Up For Your Down Payment in One Year

“Green” Lawn Tips

5 Ways to Make Your Lawn Care GREEN From BobVila.com 5/15/14 Everyone wants a green lawn. Not only does it look good, it reflects a pride of home ownership that is undeniable. But there is a green lawn, and a GREEN lawn—one that's beauty and care are a direct result of earth-friendly measures and practices. … Continue reading “Green” Lawn Tips

Stop Renting and Buy Now

Homeowner break-even period shrinks, but that doesn't change the rules From MainSt 5/15/14 Though millions of homeowners are effectively stuck in their homes because they owe more than the properties are worth, prospective homeowners face a much more pleasing condition: In half of U.S. metropolitan areas, buying now beats renting after a mere two years. … Continue reading Stop Renting and Buy Now

The Three C’s for Loan Must-Haves

Three must-haves when applying for a home loan From Kiplinger 5/12/14 Before lenders will approve you for a mortgage, they want some assurance that you aren’t going to default on the loan—that you have enough income to pay your mortgage, enough savings for a down payment and closing costs, and a good credit history. The better … Continue reading The Three C’s for Loan Must-Haves

Home Lighting Safety

The Do's and Dont's Of Porch Lights In the same way a few well-placed lamps can revitalize a room, neighborhoods get a face lift when given the proper lighting. A well-lit, bright street is far more welcoming than a dark row of creaky houses—but does that make it safer? Is it mother-nature-friendly? Should you leave … Continue reading Home Lighting Safety

Low Down Payment Options

Don't let a big down payment keep you from buying a home. Here are four mortgage options that require as little as zero to $100 down. From Yahoo Homes 5/9/14 How to buy a home with $100 down. Does your dream of buying a home seem out of reach? Well, you're not alone. Many aspiring … Continue reading Low Down Payment Options

Type of Home Purchased by Age Group – Infographic

Take a look at this information from Realtor.com

Homes are Selling Fast!

Sometimes Buying a home is the Answer, Sometimes it is not

Top real estate regrets for buyers More than half of US homebuyers say they wish they knew more about the financial side of buying a house. From MSN Real Estate partner MainStreet 5/6/14 You wanted a home with a pool but got a porch instead. A big backyard? No, you went with brick backyard just a bit … Continue reading Sometimes Buying a home is the Answer, Sometimes it is not