Sometimes Buying a home is the Answer, Sometimes it is not

Top real estate regrets for buyers
More than half of US homebuyers say they wish they knew more about the financial side of buying a house.
From MSN Real Estate partner MainStreet 5/6/14

You wanted a home with a pool but got a porch instead. A big backyard? No, you went with brick backyard just a bit bigger than your grill. What seemed to be a quiet neighborhood during the Sunday afternoon open house turned out to be because the neighbors were sleeping off their every-Saturday-night​ booze and brawl.

Real estate regrets are many, and homeowners are quick to admit what they should have done differently.

Nine out of every 10 buyers felt prepared when they bought their home, but after the fact, well more than half (56 percent) wish they had known more about the financial process involved in buying a home. The loan-closing process was at the top of the should-have-known-mo​re list (22 percent), followed by making an offer and negotiating (19 percent) and financing (15 percent), according to a new survey by Chase.

Nearly four in 10 (39 percent) said that knowing what they know now, they would have bought a different-size or different-priced home, perhaps even in a different neighborhood. Most recent homebuyers were surprised by how long the purchase process took, too: Forty percent said it took longer than they expected.

More than one-third (34 percent) said owning a home cost more than expected. And while more than 80 percent of buyers considered their home move-in ready, nearly as many (76 percent) now admit they’ve done, or are planning to do, renovations to their home soon.

A survey fielded one year ago by Trulia found similar results. More than one-third (34 percent) of homeowners with regrets responding to a March 2013 poll said they wished they had chosen a larger home.

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Other regrets included:

Wish I had done more remodeling on the home than I did (27 percent)
Wish I had more information about the home before I decided (22 percent)
Wish I had made a larger down payment (18 percent)
Wish I had been more financially secure before buying (16 percent)
Wish I had chosen a home with a shorter commute to work (15 percent)

It seems buyers may find fewer homes to choose from combined with higher prices this year. Pending home sales increased in March, the first gain in nine months, according to the National Association of Realtors. While home sales are expected to trend up for the balance of the year and into next, the NAR expects total sales to fall below last year’s pace, with existing-home sales predicted to total just over 4.9 million this year – well below the nearly 5.1 million sold in 2013. But, with ongoing inventory shortages in much of the nation, median existing-home prices are expected to rise between 6 percent and 7 percent this year.


~I hope that when you choose to purchase the home of your dreams you have fully weighed the options your price point allows you. For instance with our 1st home we could only afford $80,000 which in Riverside where we live does not offer much more than 2 bedrooms and a bath. We were not able to buy a home that had a fireplace or pool unfortunately. For our 2nd home we got the Fireplace, Stairs and another Bedroom and Bathroom, but still no pool. Our 2nd home was a getting to be where we wanted but not quite there yet. Our 3rd purchase which we still own has a single story (stairs are no fun to clean), fireplace, almost 1/2 an acre for entertaining and plenty of open space inside the home. It still does not have a pool and we had to put in a retaining wall at the top of our slope outside our back door with pavers so we had a patio and not just hill you could drop off. This coming year we are looking into putting in a pool (fingers crossed a natural pool) so that we can enjoy the outside of our home more. The great thing about doing these touches is that you make the home more yours. You are not floating in a pool with hot pink tiles wondering why in the world someone would make that choice because you are making the choice to fit you and your families likes~


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